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Products 1 - 11 of 11

If Mr. Wing were to show up at our door to offer us a cute little Mogwai he had tucked inside his satchel, we would snatch it up and claim it as our own in a heartbeat! Yes, we know about the consequences and the serious repercussions that could arise from accepting such a rare pet. But they're just too cute to pass up. All we have to do is not leave the chicken wings out on the counter overnight and everything will be okay. However, if our Mogwai does happen to turn into a full-blown Gremlin, you can bet that we'll be ready! Plus you never know, having an army of Gremlins running around could be beneficial. A whole Gremlin army that would obey our every command? Sweet. 

But if you rather go the safe route, our Gremlins gifts are your best option. Collectors and 80s movie enthusiasts will love our selection of action figures, vinyl figures, and Head Knockers. Adding to your collection or starting one will be easy as long as you are do all your shopping right here. Fans of the movies can transform into their favorite characters by wearing the officially licensed Stripe and Gizmo masks. You'll have to settle for the really realistic and authentic Gizmo hand puppet until you become the proud owner of a Mogwai.