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Fun Brain Games for Kids

Fun Brain Games for Kids

By: FUN Monster

Learning things online is almost so easy you do it accidentally. There are just so many ways to learn, and the great thing about learning digitally for kids is that there are so many FUN ways to learn. Learning games can be everything from informative to flat-out hilarious and everything in between. Just remember, before you play, be sure to get parental permission, and remember... have fun!

Fun Games from Nick

Play any of these fun online games with some of your favorite Nick cartoon characters.

Magic Happen at Disney: Make Your Own with This Games

The family of Disney characters come to life in these online games. Learn and make magic while having fun with your favorite Disney friends.

Nick Jr. Activities, Games, and More

Little learners can enjoy these engaging games featuring their favorite Nick Jr. characters.

Fisher-PriceLearning Games

Toddlers and curious little learners will love learning from an early age thanks to these baby-inspired games.

Games & Activities

This collection of games and activities is educational and fun. We know that making learning fun is one of the best ways to engage and encourage learning, no matter the age of those playing.

Online Drawing and Painting Activity

Break out the digital paint brushes for this online art activity to inspire creativity and brighten a rainy day.

Arcademic Games

These assorted learning games for elementary and middle school students. Geography, math, and so more to reinforce learned material.

Play Chess Online

Chess is a game that is perfect for teaching patience and strategy. Practice and play against a virtual opponent.

Play and Give Back with Free Rice

This English learning game will allow you to practice what you know while doing something to help those less fortunate around the world.

Dental Health Games and Activities

Is there anything better than a good white smile? Well, if there is it's probably a fun game to play about good white smiles.

Clean Air Games

Play these educational games and have fun while learning about how important air quality and the environment are.

FDA Kids: Lose a Billion Bacteria Game

Bacterial growth accounts for a huge portion of disease around the world. Wiping out as much of it as possible is important, but it doesn't have to be boring. Play these games and learn while you have some.

Become a Master of Disaster and So Much More

Disaster preparedness can save lives. There's no two ways about it. Play these disaster preparedness games and learn what you need to know to be prepared in the face of disaster.

Body Basics for Girls

In order to stay healthy, it's vital to young girls that they know how to talk about their own bodies. Girls will benefit from playing these games, so get playing!

Medical Puzzles and Games

Learning about medicine can be very interesting, but very boring if you're not already interested. With these games, you can learn about medical science in a fun and unique way.

Mr. Nose-It-All

Allergies are never fun, but this game is. Give it a try, and maybe pop an anti-histamine or two while you're at it.

Healthy Games for Growing Bodies

Fun fruit and veggie activities for all ages.

Fun Phonics Unit Games

Practice your reading and literacy skills with these fun reading games.

Letter Fun and Learning

What's fun about letters? If you're working out of a textbook, not much, but these games change all that.

PBS Games

PBS makes some of the best educational programming in the world, and their games aren't too bad either!

Memory Games

An interesting thing about the brain is that, like a muscle, the more you work it out the stronger it gets. Memory games are a great way to work out your brain and keep it in shape as the years pass.

Money and More Games for Kids

Money isn't always easy to understand for adults, let alone kids, but these games attempt to make finance accessible, and, more importantly, fun!

Science and Space Games

Look up into the great unknown and you begin to feel very small. If you actually are small, look into your computer screen and check out these fun games for kids.

Earth Shaking Animations for Kids

Check out this fun game to learn about earthquakes.

Coin and Money Games

There aren't many more important skills over the ability to handle money, so it's never too early to start learning. Check out these fun games and you'll get the start you need.

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse enjoys a well-earned reputation for striking the perfect balance between education and fun. Check it out!

Educational Games for your Kindle Fire

Check out which educational games for the Kindle are rated best and get to downloading!

Homework Aids

Having trouble with your homework? These fun games will help you no matter what subject you're struggling with!

Fun Games for Learning English

Learning English for English as a Second Language Learners isn't easy, but these games can make it fun.

E-Learning for Kids

Some more fun games to make learning a treat.