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Keep the fun of Frozen going with a collection of Frozen toys. Perhaps you're looking for Frozen action figures to reenact your favorite scenes from the films. Maybe you'd like Elsa dolls and Anna dolls to help them practice the mysterious magic of Arendelle. Whether you want to build a LEGO snowman or dance around the halls, we have the Frozen toys to help you dive into the unknown fun that Frozen has to offer!
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Kids Disney Frozen Music Mat
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Disney Frozen Arendelle Castle 3D Puzzle
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Disney Frozen Ice Palace Castle 3D Puzzle
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Frozen 2 Drum Music Set
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Frozen 2 Youth Headphones
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LEGO DUPLO Frozen Ice Castle New
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Frozen Kristoff Doll
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Frozen Elsa Doll
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Frozen Elsa Mirror Doll Set
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Frozen 2 Accessory Gift Pack
Products 1 - 22 of 22

Do you want to build a snowman?
Or dance around with Elsa dolls?
You'll find some Frozen everywhere...
even out the door...
It's so much fun to play!
Elsa is your best buddy...
And Anna, too!
If only there were more fun toys!
Do you want to build a snowman?
(It doesn't have to be a snowman.)
They're Frozen toys!

Well now that we've gotten that out of our system, it's time to take a look at one of the most beloved Disney creations, ever! Naturally, you already know the story of Elsa and Anna, the royal siblings of Arendelle and their magical adventures through fields of snow and the discoveries of Elsa's mysterious past and powers. Perhaps you and your kids have sang all the songs at least a dozen times. Maybe you've smiled warmly at the YouTube videos of people dancing in some of the delightful Frozen costumes there are to find, too. And, if that's true, you're still probably hunting for a few more ways to keep the story going. After a couple movies and a handful of shorter adventures, we have to admit that we haven't had nearly enough, either! 

Well, now you have the opportunity to bring all the fun home to retell your favorite scenes or invent whole new stories for the characters to explore! What kind of magical discoveries will Elsa make while watching over the world as the queen of the elements!? How amazing will the future of Arendelle be with Anna and Kristof making sure that Olaf isn't getting into too much trouble? And, of course, will that adorable snowman ever be able to enjoy a true summer vacation? 

Well, when you look through our collection of Frozen toys, you'll be able to answer some of those questions. You can start out by creating your very own Icy Palace with a Frozen playset. Ramp up those royal princess tea parties when you have a Frozen tea set for the kids to entertain or build a whole new kingdom in the northern lands when you create an adventure with a Frozen 2 LEGO set. 

When you're finished setting up the scene, it's time to create a few games and the music to go along with it! Well, we have plenty of Frozen musical toys that we can't stop making noise about. Drum out the beat to your favorite Frozen songs, perfect those skills on the recorder, and then belt out the tunes on an MP3 microphone! There's no end to the fun of Frozen music, so you'll never have to let it go. 

When it's time to snuggle up to watch some of the movies, there's no better companion than a Frozen plush toy. Olaf and Sven are more than just bonus characters. They're the cuddliest critters that you can imagine when they are in the form of a stuffed toy. 

No matter your favorite kind of Frozen toy, you're sure to find something new and exciting to bring smiles to your loved ones!