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If you're a fan of Forrest Gump, then you've found the right shopping spot. Because we're the home of officially licensed Forrest Gump costumes! Exclusively Made By Us, our movie outfits are the perfect way to relive some of the most memorable moments from the film.
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Going in costume is "like a box of chocolates… you never you know what you're gonna get." Well, of course, unless you go in a Forrest Gump costume. Because then you know exactly what you're going to get out of your costume experience. An amazing time as an amazing character! In the Oscar-winning movie, Forrest Gump recounts his life story at his bus stop, and what a story it is. Forrest was an All-American football player, fought in Vietnam, dabbled in ping-pong diplomacy, ran a successful shrimping company, and went for a really long run. With lots of amazing stops to witness history along the way!

Fans of the movie are going to love a Forrest Gump costume for Halloween. And we're more than happy to get you set up with an authentic Forrest Gump outfit! A part of our Made By Us exclusive costume line, our Forrest Gump costumes are officially licensed by Paramount Pictures. And they're crafted by our team of expert costume designers to be costume recreations that are faithful to the film. You'll want to start by taking a look at our Forrest Gump white suit. This is the costume our team lovingly calls the box of chocolates costume! Based on the suit Forrest wears while he narrates his life story, it features a white jacket, white pants, and a blue checkered shirt. And that makes it a complete costume that will be perfect for your next costume party. Sans, of course, the actual box of chocolates. You'll just have to pick that up on your own!

We have another Forrest Gump character costume that's perhaps even more iconic, at least in terms of Halloween costumes. And that'd be the outfit he wore when he went on his famous cross-country run! In the course of running across America for 3 years, Forrest grew long hair and a long beard. Because, with all that running, he definitely didn't have time for haircuts and shaves! And our Running Forrest Gump Costume captures the movie look right down to his unkempt hair. It includes a 1970s running outfit with shorts, a polo shirt, and striped running socks. It includes a Forrest Gump beard and wig. And, perhaps most importantly, a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co hat! You're sure to be famous just like Forrest when you wear this costume to your next party, just get ready for everyone to tell you "Run, Forrest, run!"

Women can be a part of the movie costume fun, too, thanks to our Forrest Gump Jenny Costume. Jenny Curran is Forrest's lifelong friend and plays an integral part in Forrest's life. Jenny, of course, is a hippie by the time Forrest returns from Vietnam. And our Jenny costume is a faithful recreation of the outfit she wears when meeting Forrest in Washington, DC. With a free-flowing dress and a vest that features the iconic hippie style seen in the movie, our costume a great way for fans to connect with the movie. And, if you're heading out for Halloween fun, just team up with a friend in a Forrest Gump costume for an unbeatable couple's costume theme!