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Products 1 - 15 of 15

They always say it. You are what you eat. That sounds great to us! We’ve actually been eating tons of donuts and drinking plenty of Coca-Cola in the hopes of becoming more like our favorite foods, but we’ve yet to turn into a bear claw and a bottle of Coke at this point. The good news is that we found another great way to become a little bit closer to the foods and drinks that we live for! They come in the form of these cute, food and drink themed toys.

So, you might be wondering exactly what kinds of themes of food and drink themed toys we carry. The answer. All of them. Of course, we carry a large variety of items based on your favorite brand foods. We have Coca-Cola themed toys, along with candy brands like Hershey’s chocolate, Tootsie Roll, and Nestle foods. We have Peep toys too! It turns out that those sugary little marshmallow birds make for some ultra-cute toys to play with. We also have donut themed toys, egg-themed toys, vegetable and fruit themed toys, and sushi themed toys! You got to have that sushi!

Let’s take a look at some of the great toy types we have based on foods. Puzzles are an obvious winner and we have plenty of those. From our Coca-Cola classic puzzles, which make for a great Christmas gift, to our doughnut and ice cream themed puzzles, you should be able to find a jigsaw puzzle for anyone who loves spending their time piecing together tricky puzzles. Of course, that’s not the only great food and drink toy you’ll find here.

You can also find a line of cute plushies based on your favorite foods. Adorable avocado plushies are definitely the way to go if you’re trying to get a cool gift for your millennial friends, but we also have an array of sushi themed plush dolls for those of you who can’t get enough Japanese cuisine. We also have plenty of breakfast food-themed plushies to sate your early morning plushie needs. Cinnamon rolls, buttered toast, and even pancakes are all on the menu. The crowning jewel of our plush collection has to be the taco plush, which you will want to hug from now until eternity.

We also have a variety of classic food toys. If you have a little one, then you’ve no doubt had a tea party or two! We carry playsets for tea parties and fun food making kits that will let your child make cool toy dinners. You can also find the traditional board game, Candy Land, here and we all know that playing that joyous game is a rite of passage for every little one.

Finally, we have some cute Christmas themed toys! From Gingerbread men toys to candy cane toys, there’s a great selection tailor-made for the holidays. They make for cool stocking stuffers for those hard-to-buy-for friends.

Hey, even you might not be able to become what you eat, but at least you can get some sweet food and drink toys to keep you occupied! With our entire selection, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.