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For playtime, storytime, or Halloween we escape into our wild imaginations, dancing with shadows and brewing up potions or storming the fortress to save the damsel. Conjure those magic realms into the real world with one of our Fantasy Costumes. From Harry Potter and dragons to mermaids and monsters you'll find the costume and accessories that can bring your favorite stories to life!
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Imagine this: you're hanging out online. You're browsing through various websites, scrolling through social media, streaming your best life and uploading the VODs up to YouTube. Then, suddenly, your screen goes on the fritz. We're talking shining lights and mysterious mists rising up from everywhere. Deep and comforting laughter fills the air. "Is this Santa Claus?" you might wonder, for a moment. But, the fog comes together and in front of you is the magical Internet Genie. Your wish will be granted. Any fantasy you desire is about to come to life. You get to be anyone... anything! The magical worlds that you've dreamed of all your life are about to be completely real. Or... at least close. The stories will be real. The memories will be great. The magic? Well, that's probably still going to be a little bit imaginary. But, when you're costumed up in your favorite fantasy, it's all going to feel like real to life magic. 

So, what do you wish for!? What character will you help bring to life? Do you want to live out your dreams as a wizard? Gather up your robes in your hands and swoosh across the room with the magic gesture of your wand? How about going a bit darker? Become the warlock that has touched upon the darkness of the abyss and is about to make everyone's personal terror a total reality! Perhaps all of that is just a bit too gothic for you. How about some rainbow magic? Become a unicorn. A purple witch. An energetic dragon. Or bring your favorite fairy tale out of the storybooks and into your home!

No matter which fantasy is your favorite, our collection of fantasy costumes can help you make them feel real and wonderful. If you want to leap into the fun of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, you'll find robes from every House (and the wands to match). Pick from the most majestic of fantasy creatures, too. Our mermaids and unicorns are a perfect fit for some rainbow magic... not to mention their leprechaun pals. Voodoo witch doctors and headless horseman make a natural pair, so long as you bring along some shrunken heads to add to the mayhem. Become one of the famous characters that everyone will recognize, or dive into our options for Renaissance looks and create a new fantasy to inspire (or terrify) everyone around you. 

With our choices of fantasy costumes, you'll be able to transform in moments into any of the creatures and characters you've been dreaming of. Add a few accessories and you can completely change them, too. Your mermaid with a crown is instantly the queen of the oceans. Add some gossamer wings and introduce folks to Ariel the Sea Angel! Your wish is our commands with our selection of fantasy costumes. Unless, of course, you want to dress up as the Genie, itself, and deliver a host of fantasy costumes to all of your friends and family. In that case, we just recommend that you leave the shackles to someone else!