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Exploring Ancient Egypt is a wild adventure no matter what age you are. There are some seriously magical Pharaohs and deities carved into the walls of the pyramids and temples. Do you have a historian on your gift list? Weaving Egypt into their present is a wonderful idea. You can choose from the mummy tiki mug, Eygptian themed games, and all sorts of Egyptian costumes. This timeless theme is sure to be a hit with any history lover!
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

Pharoahs and mummies and snakes, oh my! It's a brand new world when you hop through the portal to Ancient Egypt. And, with our collection of Egyptian Gifts, you and any of your history buff friends are sure to enjoy every minute of it! Egypt is still a place of wonder and beauty, though its ancient history is filled with mysterious creatures, magnificent gods, marvelous architecture, and, of course, the magical mummies that dwell within those ancient pyramids.

If you're looking to bring some of the immortal wonder of Ancient Egypt to your home, it's time to take a look at our variety of Ancient Egypt gifts. 

If you want to dive feet first into the mythology of the exotic sands, first you might want to excavate a bit of Ancient Egyptian decor. You can take a look at some of our Egyptian decorations to start your quest. Perhaps some mummy wrappings will make a mysterious addition to your doors and windows, letting everyone know that you might have a bit of a curse hanging around. Wall decorations and ornaments provide you with everything from the haunting stare of the cursed creature or the scarab beetles that skitter through the pyramids.

Once you've won your decoration game, you can look at some board games that call on the theme of the Ancient Egyptians. 7 Wonders has you and your guests exploring the pyramids and all sorts of other locations while other games test your skills at excavating ancient ruins and coming away with lost and forgotten treasures. You won't need to fear missing out on anything when you look at our Ancient Egyptian accessories, though. From anhks and Anubis helms to Cleopatra's crown, our favorite Egyptian treasures are yours to give to your friends and family... or to horde with you while you transform into an ancient mummy. 

Of course, you'll have plenty of Egyptian costumes that you can enjoy, too. Throw a movie-watching party and have everyone dress up in their favorite Egyptian look. You can start with the look of the powerful Pharaohs, complete with golden crowns and serpent accessories, or you can call on the mighty curses and choose from our variety of mummy costumes. The immortal legends will come to life before your eyes. Then again, you could also draw on the magic of our Egyptian god and goddess costumes, too. Why settle for Queen of the Nile when you could be the God of the Underworld or Goddess of the skies!?