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We know you love gathering your friends at the table for an evening of adventuring into the depths of the dungeons and fighting off a host of mysterious monsters. But sometimes that just isn't enough. If scheduling a game is getting tough or you simply need to set the scene, we have some great Dungeons and Dragons gift ideas to bring the hit tabletop role-playing game to life. (We can't promise any bonus XP from your DM.)
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Legends tell of dark days before its creation. Countless icosahedrons were left untouched, useless without a chorus of excited cheers every time it would land upon a gleaming '20.' But, then, 1974 came and the very first incarnation of Dungeons and Dragons came to be. Before long, hosts of friends would gather at tables, creating characters and delving into dungeons that were intricately created by crafty and insidious minds. It's been a few years (and several editions) and D&D is more popular now than ever before. Of course, with busy lives, the biggest boss that any adventuring party will face is scheduling time to get together! Fortunately, there are some great Dungeons and Dragons gifts that can help keep the fun going between games. 

Perhaps you'd like to wear your fandom on your sleeve. (Who doesn't!?) Let everyone at work, school, or even while you're adventuring out and about know that you're part of the coolest crew out there. Sport a Dungeons and Dragons hat or some D&D t-shirts and you might even attract a few new players to your table. We keep a rotating variety of Dungeons and Dragons apparel around, so check things out so you can add them to your inventory! 

Of course, that's not all. Set the gaming tone around your home when you pick up some gifts for Dungeons and Dragons Players and Dungeon Masters alike. Light up your play area with decorative D&D lamps and keep those writing implements handy with D&D-themed cups and pencil-holders. And if you love D&D miniatures, you're going to flip when you realize that you can get your hands on some officially licensed Dungeons and Dragons Funko Pop figures, too. From the cast of Critical Role to some of the iconic creatures that dwell in the Monster Manual, you never know what delightful treasures you might find. 

If you have some players who are totally new to the game, help them feel like they are part of the group when you pick up the Dungeons and Dragons books and accessories. Look up those notorious grappling rules, discover strange and wondrous monsters, and get combat down to an art with adventure grids and a set of shiny metalfigs. In no time, your dedicated group will be confronting the iconic red dragon and telling tales for days to come! 

Of course, there is plenty to do between your game sessions, too! Explore all new adventures when you play some of the officially licensed Dungeons and Dragons board games, too. You won't have to have a Dungeon Master working overtime when you explore Castle Ravenloft or attempt to silence the wrath of Ashardalon thanks to our collection of cooperative D&D games. From 15-minute distractions to virtual campaigns that can take up a whole game night, you're sure to find something your group will love! 

Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide

The adventure begins! From wizards to warriors and everything in between, a team of heroes will challenge monsters of every kind while solving riddles, dodging traps, and uncovering the secret villain that plots to conquer the world. Then again, perhaps it will be a lot of laughs while players with dreams of Lord of the Rings glory create a comedy more like the Looney Tunes! But what about the loot!?

Whether you're the player throwing the dice or a friend seeking to support the heroics of a Dungeons & Dragons gamer, bringing home shiny treasures is a surefire way to win the day! But like any grand quest, sometimes you need a mysterious guide to reveal the path! We're here to show you some of the best Dungeons & Dragons gifts out there and perhaps answer a few of those D&D riddles along the way.

Dungeons & Dragons Apparel

Dungeons and Dragons Apparel

Everyone loves to wear their fandom on their sleeves. That's true whether your particular flavor of geeky fun comes from comic book superheroes, creepy horror movies, or cheering on your favorite sports teams. So, if you have a friend who loves rolling the dice and claiming amazing treasures, you can't go wrong with some D&D clothes and accessories. We have a little bit of everything to make sure you roll a Nat 20!

Dungeons & Dragons Shirts

The staple of any beloved hobby is a classic shirt featuring an iconic logo. On our D&D Shirts, you'll find designs of dragons, dice, and legendary treasure. Any player will also recognize the official D&D Ampersand symbol, cleverly made from a fire-breathing dragon. It's perfect for any game night and you can even upgrade to a Dungeons and Dragons hoodie if you want any gamer or Dungeon Master to show up like a boss!

Dungeons & Dragons Accessories

In D&D, there are a ton of wondrous items that bestow amazing abilities. While our items may not be magic, they'll still grant any player some inspiration! Pick out a Dungeons and Dragons hat to will keep them cozy while looking cool. Try out a pair of D&D Pajama Pants for a relaxed night after their adventure. From briefs, socks, pins, and more, a D&D accessory is the perfect prize for anyone interested in the game!

Dungeons & Dragons Board Games

If there is anything more memed about D&D than the epic adventures, it is the struggle to get everyone together! Whether a session gets skipped or someone new is joining the crew, there are some great D&D Board Games that can make any game night a bit different! Introduce a new player to the table or explore the worlds of D&D in brand new ways by picking up a D&D Game that will delight any audience.

Dungeons & Dragons Monopoly

Dungeons and Dragons Monopoly

Few games have come so close to combat as a family night with Monopoly. So why not invite a few more monsters and fun mechanics to the game? That's what Wizards of the Coast did with the D&D Monopoly edition! Gather up the crew and play a game everyone knows, skinned with the theme of adventure! Play as a bard, fighter, or wizard while you gather up gold from your fellow friends and board game fiends!

Dungeons & Dragons Clue

Clue Dungeons and Dragons

Some of the best D&D adventures involve solving a mystery. Finding all the clues can be tough. Whether you want to prepare yourself for such a lofty adventure or give another classic game the feel of an epic D&D quest, the answer is the officially licensed D&D Clue game! The typical characters are replaced with heroes from the Forgotten Realms and someone is a tricky shapeshifter. Roll the dice on this one today!

Dungeons & Dragons Legacy Games

Some folks can get a little worried that Dungeons and Dragons is hard to play. With so many books, there have to be a ton of tough rules and someone has to be in charge, right? That's where our collection of D&D Strategy Games enters the ring! These accessible board games let small or large groups play together on even footing. (Yes, even the Dungeon Master!)

Explore the Forgotten Realms, Castle Ravenloft, and other stories in single sessions or ongoing games that let everyone explore D&D for their first time or when taking a break from the campaign. You might even get the itch to pick up some of the official books, dice, or an adventure grid and start a D&D campaign yourself!

Dungeons & Dragons Decorations

The dragon ampersand or an oversized d20 is a surefire way to let any guest know they are in the home of a D&D fan! If you'd like to help a player deck out their dungeon with all sorts of great décor, look no further than this collection of D&D Decorations! From adorable D&D plushies, creative dice-themed lamps, and even a deviously delicious cookie jar, it is easy to give any game room some extra flair.

Dungeons & Dragons Mugs

Dungeons and Dragons Mug

Hanging out at the tavern after an epic adventure is a classic way to level up. (And learn about the next leg of your story.) But what is a tavern without a mug of ale? And what is a D&D game without your choice of delicious drink? Make every D&D scene just a bit more epic when you offer your player a D&D mug or water bottle for their enchanted elixirs!

Dungeons & Dragons Blankets

Dungeons and Dragons Blanket

Help your favorite gamer set the scene for an amazing game by keeping their game room cozy. How? Well, after you've set up the warm light from a d20 light and invited them in with a D&D doormat, it's time to soften things up with a D&D blanket! Now they can snuggle in with a throw blanket when it is time to toss the dice… (and they can hide from the monsters, too)!

Dungeons & Dragons FAQ

What Is Dungeons & Dragons?

If you've heard everyone talking about D&D but you're still out of the loop, fear not! D&D is a storytelling game where a group of folks gather to tell a tale while smashing monsters, finding mysterious treasures, and more! There are a bunch of rules, but the modern editions of the game make it a lot more accessible than ever. Gather your friends and give it a try with our books. You'll be saving the world in no time!

How To Make A D&D Character:

The first step is to think of who you want to be. It's perfectly reasonable to be inspired by your favorite characters, whether from Middle-Earth or Star Wars galaxies! From there, character creation is a step-by-step process of picking your attributes like Strength and Intelligence and choosing a class to get your cool abilities. Dungeons and Dragons costumes are entirely optional.

How Many Types of Dragons Are There In D&D?

The Dragons of D&D are widely varied but the most iconic are in two types. The Chromatic dragons include Red, Black, Blue, White, and Green dragons and are known for being evil, manipulative, and tricky. Metallic dragons include Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper, and Bronze and fill out the ranks of good creatures that may seek to help adventurers defeat evil. (Of course, all dragons like shiny things, too!)

How Many People Play Dungeons & Dragons?

Dungeons and Dragons has become very popular, largely thanks to podcasts, streamed games, and a ruleset that is more accessible than ever before. It is estimated that about 3-4 million people play the earlier editions of D&D while nearly 10 million folks are actively playing the 5th edition today! Whether you are supporting your gamer friends or are ready to join, we're happy to help with all the great D&D loot!