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Dumb and Dumber Suits

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Transform yourself into a couple of the most recognizable pair in the world with these Dumb and Dumber Suits. Who wants to dance around in a boring old penguin suit when you could shine in blue and orange? Be a chip off the old tooth as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne in these iconic recreations!
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Blue Tuxedo Top Hat
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Dumb and Dumber Orange Tuxedo Top Hat
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Are you looking for a suitcase full of money? Do you already have one that you're looking to return to its owner? Are you trying to stand out in a crowd for that black-tie event but don't want to be restrained by all the bland colors of the formal-wear rainbow? Have you mastered the most annoying sound in the world? These are the questions that really need answering! And, when you've got thoughts that would stun the mind of the most brilliant folks in the world, the only place you can turn is to the wisdom of Dumb and Dumber.

This collection of Dumb and Dumber Suits highlights the iconic look portrayed by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels when the duo head to the gala in the 1994 comedy movie. The two are already quite the eccentric pair thanks to their freedom from the trappings of conventional intelligence! It lets them truly enjoy every moment in their lives... even the ones that they probably shouldn't be. Of course, we're the beneficiaries when it comes to their fun style. There'll be no tuxedo jackets when they are dressing up for the evening. It's all orange and powder blue, plus every imaginable accessory out there!

Transform into Dumb and Dumber style when you pick out your look! We have Dumb and Dumber suits for men as well as kids and ladies, too! A variety of sizes ensure that you'll be fitting into the fun whether you're going for a unique look at a wedding or just want to put on a quirky, themed Halloween party. All you really need to do is choose which color you prefer!

From there, you'll find Dumb and Dumber accessories to help bring your Dumb and Dumber tuxedos together. Matching wooden canes will give you a classy and colorful take on the dance floor while bright socks, a matching top hat, and shining shoes will help complete the entire look. You'll be dressed from head to toe in our officially licensed Dumb and Dumber suits, which means you've got official permission to unleash all the quotes (and annoying sounds) that you desire. That, folks, is sure to put a skip in your step and maybe even some cash in your briefcase!