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The classic Anime just keeps getting better, and fans couldn't be happier! That's why you're here, right? You need some Dragon Ball Z gifts! While we might not have over 9000 Dragon Ball Z gifts for adults, we DO have a ton of great items you'll love to collect, from Funko POPs to action figures, and apparel featuring Goku and Vegeta and more! So get ready to go Super Saiyan with our wide selection of Dragon Ball Z!
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

All the way back in 1984, the Japanese artist, Akira Toriyama, set into the world with a starry-eyed dream! That simple dream was to make the best darn manga based on the classic Chinese novel, A Journey to the West. Well, his idea went through a lot of changes and ended up being much less based on the novel that he originally intended. But that’s where the now legendary Dragon Ball Z manga series began! Soon after, the series transformed into the most popular anime series of all time.

The story started with the humble adventure of Goku, the amazingly strong boy living in the wilderness. He teams up with Bulma in order to find the 7 Dragon Balls to request a wish from the great and powerful dragon, Shenron. Bulma’s burning wish at the time? A perfect boyfriend! Of course, she never got to make that wish, but her can Goku become lifelong friends as they recruited plenty of new and wacky characters to their cause! The series eventually went on to pit Goku and his friends against increasingly dangerous villains. We’ve gotten to watch roster of fighters grow over the years and the battles unfold, which is great news for the fans, because that means plenty of different costumes to wear!

We’ve gathered together some of the greatest Dragon Ball Z costume options in the world! We carry all of the most popular characters from the series, like the heroes Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, and Piccolo. We even have the baddest villain of them all, Frieza. You can even find Bulma costumes here, so you can support the team with a plethora of necessary gadgets! And don’t worry, because we have sizes for men, women, and kids, ensuring that every Dragon Ball Z fan can dress up as their favorite character from the anime series.

Of course, you may just need a few odds and ends to finish up the cosplay outfit that you’ve been crafting. We have plenty of DBZ themed accessories that will help you step into the role of your favorite character. Maybe you’re trying to put together your own Zarbon costume? Well, we have Saiyan armor pieces that will put the final touch on your outfit. Maybe you’re just searching for a simple scouter to look like a member of Frieza’s elite army! Well, we have those too. Maybe you’re just looking for some spiky Saiyan hair! Well, we carry a ton of different licensed wigs to make you feel like a Super Saiyan. Let’s not forget about our awesome Piccolo mask, which turns you into a true Namek warrior!

Dressing up in one of our Dragon Ball Z costumes is THE best way to show off your love of the Akira Toriyama anime. Whether your child plans on trick or treating as Goku for Halloween, or you need to get an outfit that you can feel proud to wear at the next anime convention, you’ll be quite happy with any of our outfits!

Dragon Ball Z Costumes FAQ

What does Goku's gi say?

Goku’s clothing actually changes symbols four times. The first symbol Goku wore was the kanji for turtle after his training under the turtle sage. After that, the symbol that Goku wears on his gi changes, although it only changed on the back side and it was present for a short period of time. It combines the kanji symbols for king and world, named for King Kai, the King of Worlds.

Goku’s third gi completely gets rid of the turtle symbol, replacing the front and back patches for the “go” symbol— short for Goku. He wears this uniform until it is finally destroyed (like so many of his others), and he doesn’t wear a symbol on any of his clothes for the rest of the DBZ series. In a later Dragon Ball series, Goku receives one other symbol. It’s not a kanji, but the personal symbol of Whis.

What are Goku clothes called?

Goku’s martial arts clothing is a gi. They have also been referred to as keikogi, aka “training clothes” or dogi, meaning “clothes of the way” or “martial arts uniform”.

What is Goku wearing?

Goku’s most iconic clothing is his orange and blue gi. However, he does have quite a few other outfits that he wears throughout the Dragon Ball tv series. Several of his training outfits were different colors, and he temporarily wears clothing and armor when on other worlds, including Saiyan armor, a Yardrat outfit and a Daishinkan outfit.