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Do you want to bring the magic of Disney into your everyday life? What better way to do it than carrying one of the many playful Disney Loungefly bags! Disney Loungefly is great for any occasion and Loungefly doesn't only have purses, Students love Loungefly backpacks while those who want to celebrate Disney subtly will like Loungefly wallets. Put a little more magic in your wardrobe and bring Disney Loungefly bags with you where ever you go!
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Products 1 - 6 of 6

Bonafide Disney fans are always looking for more ways to bring the magic of the movies into their everyday lives. T-shirts can only go so far, as sooner or later you're going to have to cover up with a sweater or jacket. But once fans discover creatively designed Loungefly bags, they'll know that there are no more reasons to go out into the world without a little Disney wonder on their arm!

There is a Disney Loungefly bag for every fandom. For instance, those who love classic cartoons like Mickey and Minnie Mouse will love the bags featuring Minnie's large polka dot bow or the iconic silhouette of Mickey's head and ears. This theme comes in all sorts of styles! There are multiple chic options for Loungefly Backpacks that feature the original Disney animal gang such as Goofy, Daffy, and Daisy Duck, and the beloved mouse couple. These backpacks are perfect for going to school, running around town on errands, or even exploring Disney World!

While we all love the Disney classics, those who love more modern Disney franchises will also be delighted about our selection. For instance, we have a variety of Lilo and Stitch styles! You can take this fandom as deep as you want. The Stitch wallet is a great example of one of the well-designed Loungefly wallets. With a zip closure as well as a snap design, it makes a secure choice for travel and everyday use. Slip this Disney wallet in a Lilo and Stitch backpack and you'll have a perfect themed carry-on for your trip to Hawaii!

Of course, we can't talk about Disney without talking about princesses. The Loungefly Disney collection does not disappoint here! Not only are there multiple Disney princess purses but there are a couple of cute backpack styles in this theme as well! The styles are unique from the exterior's material to the cut and even the straps. Loungefly backpacks come in a range of sizes from mini backpacks that work as an everyday purse to full-size bookbags for those who have to carry textbooks and notebooks. 

Disney fans know that some of Disney's most dynamic characters are the villains. Loungefly bags really know how to capture that charisma. Take the Cruella DeVil Mini Backpack, for instance. She peers over the front pocket like she's plotting her next scheme as she travels with you, her dramatic hair standing above the zippered base of the bag. 

Loungefly bags aren't only about design, they're about quality as well! All the bags are created for functional use. Many backpacks have a small, zippered pocket in the front to make accessing phones, wallets, and keys easy. All backpacks and bags have adjustable straps to make sure you can wear Loungefly bags comfortable over different layers. Loungefly purses are fully lined, often with a uniquely colorful interior so that your bag not only stands out, but the items in your purse remain easy to find as well.

Disney fans will find that Loungefly designs their lovely bags to be used and loved. The different styles will delight a range of interests and tastes. Have you found the perfect Loungefly bag for you? Consider tagging us in pictures of the bag on Instagram and we will post the photo on the product page. After all, design this good deserves to be shared!