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Products 1 - 3 of 3

We’ve watched Disney’s animated film series; Cars, pretty regularly and we can’t help but get swept up in the story. A down on his luck racer finds solace in small town USA, adapting the old ways to breathe new life into the racing industry. The robust characters, like Mater and Lightening McQueen are fun for kids and adults! The gang came back for two more Cars movies expanding upon the universe, but the movies did sort make us wonder…

Actually, the whole universe leaves us with a LOT of unanswered questions. Like, if the cars are all sentient, where do new cars come from? Are there car hospitals where mommy cars bring baby cars into the world? Why are there human-sized buildings, but no humans in their world? Do the cars build human-sized buildings, or are they leftover remnants and humans have long since been driven to extinction. Then… we have to remind ourselves that it’s just a computer-animated film about cars that is supposed to be fun and you know what, it is. Sometimes, you don’t need to know all the details!

And that’s exactly how your little one sees it! Nothing is cooler than Lightning McQueen speeding down the race track. He’s got the velocity. He’s got the moves and he even has the blazing red style to carry him to victory. You might be wondering how to please your little Cars fan with the perfect gift, but it’s never been easier to find something for them than with our awesome collection of Disney Cars gifts.

We carry a large selection of officially licensed Cars gifts. You’ll find apparel, like t-shirts based on Lightening McQueen and hoodies that will keep your little one extra warm. They come in sizes for kids and toddlers, making for the perfect gift for any little one. Be sure to check out our long list of great accessories too, like rain gear to keep your kid dry, that they can wear on an everyday basis. We also have Lightning McQueen costumes for the young racer who wants to dress like his favorite Disney character.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also offer a wide selection of Disney Cars toys and collectibles. We have pillow pets, collectible vehicles! If you’re a fan of Funko Pop! vinyls, then you can check our selection of Cars vinyl figures, which include characters like Lightening McQueen, Ramone and Doc Hudson. If your child loves the movies, then you’ll be able to find the perfect gift right here! Vroom! Vroom!

Be sure to leave us a comment or review on the product so we can hear firsthand about all the joy caused by our Cars merchandise. We're also interested in new product ideas so if you see a Cars toy or apparel we don't have, please let us now. Beep! Beep!