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Complete your Christmas village collection with ceramic figurines from Department 56! You’ll find everything from wintery Disney houses to Harry Potter characters that are sure to bring some magic to your Christmas village displays. Whether you’re looking for a unique and timeless gift or hoping to discover a new holiday tradition for your family, our selection of Department 56 collectibles is here for you!
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Department 56 Ghostbusters Ecto-1
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Department 56 Mickey's Train Station
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Department 56 Minnie's House Main UPD
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Department 56 Mickey's Ears Factory
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Department 56 Mickeys Alarm Clock Shop
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Department 56 Sorcerer Mickey Fantasia Statue
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Department 56 Ghostbusters Slimer Figuirine
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Department 56 Dr. Egon Spengler Figurine_Update
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Elvira's Celebrity Trailer
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Mickey Mouse's Haunted Manor
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Department 56 Mickey & Minnie Big Kiss Statue
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Department 56 The Peanuts House
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Department 56 Elvira Walking Gonk Figuirine
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Department 56 Stitch Holiday Figuirine
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Department 56 Peanuts The Perfect Tree Figure
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Products 1 - 48 of 48

When a movie, television show, or book is written well, it’s hard not to want to visit the world where it takes place. From every day routine to holidays and special events, it would be a dream to spend the day in the Wizarding World or with Jack and Sally in Halloweentown. Who wouldn’t want to take a trip to Mickey and Minnie’s neighborhood to see how Disney does Christmas? And how cool would it be to see Bruce Wayne’s manor for yourself?

Escape to those captivating worlds with figurines and villages from Department 56! Our selection of these handcrafted, hand painted, ceramic collectibles features some of the best Christmas village sets around. Whether you’re looking to create a miniature village like the one your mom used to put up each December or you’re after that one elusive figure that perfectly finishes your impressive display, our available options are here to help.

Explore Department 56 Disney villages and discover a charming world full of your favorite characters going about their merry way. From Minnie’s brightly colored house to the train station and post office, all of Mickey’s world has gone wintery just in time for festive decorations and toboggan rides and caroling. And you’re invited!

Laugh along with your favorite A Christmas Story characters as you relive the joy of the film in a new way this year! Department 56’s A Christmas Story figurines are here to make re-watching the movie with family an extra charming delight as they silently participate in their annual shenanigans.

Try a village that you can leave up all year, like the Department 56 Harry Potter village. Featuring figurines from Hogwarts castle to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and even Borgin and Burkes, there’s a starting point for all Harry Potter fans to bring the Wizarding World home!

Like always, The Nightmare Before Christmas is here for anyone that can’t choose between Halloween and Christmas fun. And why should you have to? Celebrate your two great holiday loves whenever you’d like with the Department 56 figurines available in our selection. Jack and Sally, Sandy Claws, and even the pesky Lock, Shock, and Barrel are ready to welcome you to Halloweentown and Christmas Town!

Whether you prefer The Peanuts or The Addams Family, our Department 56 Christmas village sets are here to help you decorate and enjoy every season! Set up a new display with items coming in fresh from Department 56’s designers or pick up the final pieces that polish the gorgeous village you’ve already begun. With our ever-changing selection, you’re sure to find the house, character, or scenic detail that makes your collection come to life!