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Products 1 - 5 of 5

You know the feeling when you start a new show and you just know it's going to be big? It's a little like falling in love. You know from the intro that you're hooked. It's in the music, the gorgeous scenery, and the costumes. The dialogue hasn't been introduced and you don't really know about the storyline yet but you just know. This is going to be a beautiful friendship. 

If you felt like that with Game of Thrones, you know you're not alone. Fans have been dressing as Daenerys and Jon Snow for years now. The thing is, memorabilia from this hit show has to match the drama and detail that went into every episode. Basic figures just don't cut it. Why? Because each character has always been blessed with costumes that hint at the deep character underneath. And because the figures on your shelves can't offer up cutting remarks, the details of the statue will have to suffice. 

That, fans and friends, is where Dark Horse figures come in! From their affordable plastic molds to the high-quality resin casts, your Game of Thrones collection will level up immediately when these figures are added to your display. Take Tyrion's Hand of the Queen figure for instance. He's wearing a well-cut tunic, billowing breeches, and of course, the pin that gives him his status. His face is etched with the concern that comes with his new status as if he's watching out for news from the north. 

The resin version of Arya steps it up even more! She's ready to fight, her knees bent and Needle is drawn. Her tattered ensemble is rich in details from the tears in her pants to the stitches in her oversized top. It's like she's stepped from the screen and onto your shelf. That's just the quality you can expect from Dark Horse collectibles!

Of course, they aren't restricted to Game of Thrones. We also have collectibles from the striking images of Witcher. The Wolf wall sculpture is especially striking with a metallic finish, threatening, angular jaws, and a dramatic brow. With a hole for hanging on the back, you'll find it easy to work into your decor. The figures from Witcher are quite striking as well. You'll find plenty of detail in Yennefer and Geralt Grandmaster alike. They're both ready for action, making any display dynamic and powerful. 

Want a little color in your collection? Our Legend of Zelda resin figures are breathtaking! Our catalog features a Breath of the Wild Link stature the seems like it's floating on air. There's detail worked into every part of his weaponry and ensemble, bringing the character you're so familiar with from the screen into three-dimensional life. 

No matter where your interests lie, your collection can level up once you collect the thoughtful, high-quality collectibles of Dark Horse. From the intricate Game of Thrones Map Marker Set with Map that'll make you feel like you're working with the Lannisters to defend the throne to characters from Witcher that'll bring your gaming life closer to reality, you'll find beauty in the little details this company works into their statues. And don't forget to check back if you find something you like, our collection is constantly growing. What else do the best collections do?