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A billion smiles, a million laughs
and a few disapproving headshakes.
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Curious George Clothing

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Do you know a little kid that acts like a monkey from time to time? Are they full of energy and do they often get into mischief? If so, then the young child that you're close with has a lot in common with the one and only, Curious George. They are both easily lovable but they are also rambunctious, full of energy, and always on the go. If you read a lot of Curious George books to your little one or if he or she watches the cartoon a lot on TV, then they'll love all of this Curious George clothing! 

We have apparel for both boys and girls so there's something for everyone. There are tons of toddler tees featuring the mischievous cartoon monkey. We have really girly ones that young princesses would love to wear. Grown-ups can get in on all the fun too. We have plenty of comfortable t-shirts that both men and women can wear. Dress the whole family in these shirts and let the monkey business begin!