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Products 1 - 13 of 13

What do you think about when you think about cozy? Maybe a little cottage with a curl of smoke curling from the chimney comes to mind. Maybe it's the alliteration but cottages always pop up in our heads whenever we say the word. Or maybe it's something small. Maybe an image of a warm cup of cocoa flows through your mind. Perhaps it's the feeling of sitting around a bonfire while wrapped in a blanket. Everyone has their own image of the word cozy but the feeling is the same for everyone. We think cozy is nice when we're adults but here's the thing, when you're a kid, cozy is a must. 

It can be tricky to transport that cozy feeling. Hopping on an airplane can chase away that feeling when your kiddo needs the comfort of comfy the most. But it's simpler than ever to pack that feeling up these days. Comfy critters offer the companionship of a stuffed animal, the warmth of a favorite blanky, and the support of a pillow. As packing room goes, these little critters really pull their weight! So whether you're looking for a companion for home or you want your kiddo to feel at ease when they're on the road, these little pals are a great investment. 

It's crazy how much comfort a child can get from having a little stuffed animal with them. Is your child a fan of Paw Patrol? We love the pups that are part of that team. They are all so talented and smart that they must inspire your little one to be brave as well. So it makes sense that the characters would make your kid feel better when you unwrap a Marshall Comfy critter and wrap his fleecy blanket around their shoulders during a spooky thunderstorm. 

You want your child to be comfortable no matter where you are. You might be heading out on a camping trip. And yes, we get that there is a lot of camping equipment to remember. But wouldn't it be nice if your child not only could use their comfort animal as a pillow in the car but they could unwrap their critter when the sun goes down and a chill rises in the air. There are all sorts of animals to choose from! Does your little one love the Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar written by Eric Carle? Your child will love carrying that caterpillar around on adventures. Is your family devoted to dogs? The pug comfy critter will make your little one feel like they've got a little pet on their lap. 

So whether you're looking for a little blanket to make nap time easier than ever or you simply want a buddy for your kiddo's first airplane ride, these comfy critters will come in handy. And there's a good chance that your kid can find one of their favorite animals in this collection. We have all the Paw Patrol characters, the famous Grump Cat, and even a wild purple unicorn. Next time you're looking for a quick way to get cozy for your kiddo, be ready. Have a Comfy Critter on hand!