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Products 1 - 4 of 4

The struggle to be given the royal treatment is real, isn' it ladies? We chauffeur ourselves (even though it would be nice to have a personal driver, wouldn't it?) to beauty treatments like getting our nails done and having our highlights touched up just to feel the fleeting feeling of being treated like complete royalty. We don't have birthdays we have a birthday week because it's nice to feel celebrated. Any excuse to feel like a princess!  

What if we told you that you can feel like an enchanting princess every day just by using some of these ordinary (but extremely fabulous) Cinderella clothing accessories. First of all, Cinderella is one of the coolest princesses out there. She has her own fairy godmother, she lands the catch of a lifetime (a prince), and she gets gifted with some of the coolest heels we have ever seen. We can only hope that someone will gift us with a pair of glass slippers... someday (*sigh.*)

If you take some time to browse through this category, you'll find that we have tons of little trinkets and clothing accessories that you can wear daily to make sure you feel like a princess even when going about the most trivial of activities. Need to make a trip to the DMV? Make it as beguiling as possible by wearing a pair of Irregular Choice heels. 

Fairytale fans who also have a penchant for collecting shoes will be speechless by our exclusive collection of Cinderella themed Irregular Choice heels. Captivating, feminine, and extremely hard to miss, all of these shoes are for girls like to make fashion statements. Those who feel more comfortable wearing comfortable shoes will love sporting our Ugly Sisters flats. Featuring original artwork and dainty bows sewn to the heels, these shoes can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how you choose to dress and accessorize. Proud fashionistas will love sashaying into any room wearing the gorgeous Gracious Dreamer heels. Light-up shoes are an excellent way to get yourself noticed. With every step that you take, the light flashes a different color. 

Younger girls will also be captivated by many Cinderella clothing accessories in this category. Those who are obsessed with Disney princesses will love taking a Cinderella mini backpack to school or maybe they will enjoy toting their lunch inside a metal-clasp tin lunchbox. No matter how old or young you may be, we have Cinderella-related merch to make all your dreams come true.

No matter what Cinderella clothing accessory that you pick out, we would love to hear some feedback on it. Send us a picture of you wearing a pair of Cinderella Irregular Choice high heels or upload a picture of your daughter hauling a princess backpack to school. If there are any Cinderella items that we do not sell and you wish we did, then let us know. We are always looking to add new and exciting items to our Cinderella category. We hope these accessories will inspire your happily ever after!