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Make the Christmas season extra merry and bright with Christmas costume ideas available here! From Christmas character costumes to Christmas tree costumes, you'll find hundreds of festive options shopping with us. Relive movie magic with Mean Girls Christmas costumes and other Christmas movie costumes. Or keep it simple with Christmas elf costumes for the kiddos and Santa Christmas costumes for adults!
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Products 1 - 9 of 9

At the annual family Christmas party, it didn't matter if everyone knew it was Uncle Terry impersonating Santa because it made the entire gathering smile. Terry would come bounding through the front door with a bag full of gifts and chuckle, "ho, ho Merry Christmas," to fill everyone's heart with the holiday spirit. It's a timeless memory.

Christmas costumes helped make that happen! Christmas costumes inspire the moments that become memories that feel universal! Just ask anyone that celebrates Christmas. They may not know Terry, but they've probably seen something similar in a film. Or dressed their dog as How the Grinch Stole Christmas's Max. Or, at the very least, a considerable population is familiar with taking photos with Santa. Santa's not there without a costume and fluffy white beard!

The point is that the memories are largely special thanks to Christmas costumes! That's probably why you're here. It's time to shop for Christmas card photo inspiration, to dress as the Santas and Christmas elves. It may even be time to get the entire extended family outfitted for the festivities by surprising them with Christmas costumes sent right to their front door!  

Whoever decides to become Santa has a Santa bag full of options! Our deluxe Santa suit gives the jolly Christmas spirit a luxurious look with bright white faux fur, boot tops, and gorgeous red velvet! Need a beard to complete the look? Try some equally lavish white curls sold separately in this same selection!

Prefer a flowy fit for Santa? Try a Santa costume dress or a long-line Santa coat with matching leggings! Or skip the full ensemble. Pair a Santa hat with a cozy sweater, and relax! Santa's on holiday once they arrive at your house, after all!

Letting the holiday handle Santa magic on its own? Stir up the Christmas spirit with other classic characters! Bring Rudolph's story to life with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer costumes in various sizes and styles! Choose who's leading the sleigh, then pair that plush baby Rudolph costume or sassy women's Rudolph bodysuit with costumes based on his misfit pals!

Of course, there are other Christmas movies and stories that you may want to invite to your celebrations. Buddy the Elf couldn't say no to your invitation. He'll even bring some sweets to share! Jack Skellington and Sally would probably take you up on the offer too! After their first rather miserable Christmas experience, you could show them how the holiday really works.

Leaving Halloween Town may feel like a wrench. But we'd bet Jack and Sally feel their hearts grow as big as the Grinch's when they get to meet the once-grumpy green fellow serving roast beast to a happy family of Whos! Especially if Cindy Lou joins the fun with her oversized ornament and teeny-tiny bows!

How about Christmas classics that aren't characters? A Christmas tree costume would shine at any holiday gathering! Plush snowmen costumes? Who wouldn't melt when one walked through the front door? And a gingerbread person! It's just too sweet! You'll want to shop fast to catch your gingerbread cookie costume!

From traditional Christmas choices like Santa, reindeer, and angels to pop culture options, including Elf on the Shelf, Olaf, and Harry Potter, our selection of Christmas costumes promises to help you and yours create more merry memories than ever! Whether at home around a glistening tree, at the mall as Santa, or attending a tree-lighting ceremony at the town square, this selection has the gifts you need!