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Care Bears are the best way to show... well, that you care! If you know someone who knows all the Care Bear names, we have all the cute clothes and merch for your buds of all ages. Fan of the original Care Bears? From t-shirts to mini backpacks, we have all the Care Bears magic you crave. Gifting the next-gen? Get your little niece a Care Bears plush. The Care Bears just lend themselves to be special gifts that people are sure to treasure.
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

In the early eighties, something amazing happened. The culture around the world began to focus on caring for one another, despite all of our differences. Suddenly, rainbows stood for more than the peaceful time after a storm. It stood for the beauty of a difference. It stood for the strength of a variety of personalities coming together. All of a sudden caring was key. The question is, what came first the Care Bears or people trying to care for each other more? We aren’t sociologists but we like to think that these little bright bears influenced our world in a big way!

It’s not all about holding hands. Care Bears are truly irresistible with cars made of clouds, rainbow slides, and the pudgy bears that all have their own skills. And while we all wouldn’t mind a vacation on Care-a-lot, sometimes awesome Care Bear gifts will simply have to do instead.

Hopefully, you haven’t given up on receiving your very own belly badge because it can totally happen if you scroll through our catalog. Just look at our Care Bear costumes, for instance. You not only get to choose your favorite Care Bear character, but you also get to choose the style of your costume as well! Want to become Share Bear, the bear that’s great at communication? You can choose from the purple plush jumpsuit or the hoodie and leggings as well. The same goes for all the other bears from Cheer Bear or Wish Bear as well.

We all feel a little like Grumpy Bear every once in a while. We think it’s pretty great that there is a character that celebrates empathy. Care-a-lot might be full of sunshine and rainbows but it’s okay to be skeptical. Do you know someone that connects with Grumpy Bear on a real level? There are plenty of gifts that will make them feel at ease with their skeptical persona. Take, for example, the fuzzy Grumpy Bear slippers. They are perfect for slipping on after a long Monday at work or school. Or maybe you know someone who might want to take that feeling to work. They might not want to carry their papers in our adorable Grumpy Bear backpack (though it’s great for grade school kids and fun going out bags) but the office can be a lot of fun when they bring in a Grumpy Bear mug or Pop vinyl figure.

These gifts are awesome for anyone who’s a fan of Care Bears whether they started watching the original Care Bears crew in the eighties or they restarted their interest in the most recent bout of nostalgia. And gifts don’t have to be limited to birthdays or holidays. The Love-A-Lot Bear Pop vinyl is a sweet gift for Valentine's Day. Going to a child’s birthday party? Share that nostalgic feeling you have for the Care Bears with the Care Bears five-piece meal set! They’ll feel cheerful while finishing off their peas and carrots on the colorful group.

We’ll always be happy that the original Care Bears are still around, keeping things peaceful and happy. You’ll love spreading the Care Bear love (just like the Love-A-Lot Care Bear) with our wide variety of Care Bear gifts. And hey, if you want to buy these Care Bear gifts for yourself, we won’t blame you, especially if you’re walking around singing the Care Bear countdown in one of our awesome Care Bear suits!

Care Bear Merchandise

Everyone needs a little bit of good cheer in their life. That’s probably why you’re looking at a place like FUN! Well, that’s where the combination of adorably cuddly bears with superhero powers combine with the perfect gifts for kids and adults alike. The Care Bears might have started out as a group of colorful characters on greeting cards. But they quickly evolved into using their powers to combat the forces of doom, gloom, and darkness. Of course, they’re not doing battle with swords and armor. They’ve got rainbow-powered gumption and the mojo to spread some cheer inscribed right on their bellies!

Let us take you straight to Care-a-Lot and introduce you to some of the best Care Bears gifts. You'll bring some of your favorite original Care Bears from the 80s and beyond to life in no time. We have colorful home décor that will make it look like you and yours are up on Cloud Nine thanks to the assistance of the Care Bears and the Care Cousins. Whether you want to dive into the cartoon series or movies, or get a cuddly family photo, you'll find the perfect Care Bear themed items. And rest assured, they'll bring a smile as vivid as Rainbow Brite's to your face. Take a look! (It won't even require a full Care Bear stare.)

Care Bear Merchandise

From Care Bear mugs to the luckiest totes that you’ve ever laid your eyes on, we have all sorts of unique Care Bear themed products that will help you elevate your home décor to the clouds. We’re not suggesting that your entire domicile needs to be filled with Care Bear collectibles, but adorable Care Bear Funko figures and a few well-placed wall ornaments featuring your favorite character are sure to bring a smile to your face every day. Find your inner Cheer Bear and show the world that you have a tender heart (bear) with some choice gifts (for you or your friends) thanks to our Care Bear products.

Care Bears Plush Toys

We’ve all had that nasty nightmare that makes it tough to take a nap at night. Fortunately, the world created the most powerful protector out there: the teddy bear. We've been cuddling up to our nightstand knights for years! Sure, they might not look like the typical knight in shining armor, but they are great at chasing away the things that go bump in the night. It is no wonder that a Care Bear makes the best teddy bear companion out there. Bring home some of our plush Care Bear toys and you're sure to have delightful dreams from here on out.

Giant Stuffed Care Bears

Care Bear Plush Toys

Teddy bears come in all shapes and sizes and often wear a variety of cute outfits. But there's nothing quite like having a giant stuffed bear. Something you and your kids can really put your arms around. They can make for the perfect pillow when it is time to snuggle into bed or be a nighttime warden in a chair and be seen by all the boogie monsters. Take a look at some of our giant stuffed Care Bears plush to decorate your bear den. In fact, collect them all!

Care Bears Plush

Care Bear Plush

Our kiddos deserve all of the comforts they can possibly get while they're growing up. And the Care Bears are the ones who care the most about little ones. It only follows that we would carry some of the best baby toys and all with a cute Care Bears theme. From musical soothers to help your little one nod off to bed to the plushiest bedtime blankets, our Care Bears baby toys will have everyone wearing smiles.

Care Bear Halloween Costumes

Are you and yours looking to find the ultimate in group costume options? Well, look no further. While other costume categories will have you struggling to find a spot for your third, fourth, or even fifth friend, the Care Bears live by the motto "the more, the merrier". Our officially licensed Care Bear costumes include all of your favorite characters as well as a few that even long-time fans might be surprised to see. Our Made By Us Care Bear costumes have enough variety that the whole family (and your cousins) can join in a Care Bear group costume look!

Grumpy Bear Costumes

Grumpy Bear Costume

Are you the person who wants the best for everyone but still can be just a bit of a sour puss? Maybe you're the type that loves wearing a grumpy frown even though you’re having the time of your life? If any of these things sound familiar, you might be the Grumpy Bear of the group! Grumpy has some pretty unusual skillsets for a cloud-dwelling caregiver. Engineering know-how combines with finding the silver lining on a dark day for this adorable bear!

Cheer Bear Costumes

Cheer Bear Costume

When the dark clouds come around, you can be sure that a rainbow will soon light up the day. That’s definitely the realm of Cheer Bear’s powers. This pink-colored Care Bear has a way of making even Grumpy lighten up. If you want the ability to bring a smile to everyone’s face, if you want to become one of the original and most popular of the Care Bears, or even if you just want to add some pink to your color scheme, Cheer Bear is for you!

Care Bear Classic Costumes

Care Bear Classic Costumes

There are plenty of great Care Bear characters, but the original Care Bears are the ultimate and most recognizable of all. Thanks to our wide collection of Classic Care Bear costumes, you can pick and choose your favorite in all different sizes and colors. Bring the leader, Tenderheart, to bare. Feel like you’ve got all the luck in the world with the Irish accent of Good Luck Bear. Or share some sweet dreams when Bedtime Bear and Share Bear are around to tell some great bedtime stories. We have a ton of different characters for you to pick from, so find your favorite!

Care Bear Cousins Costumes

Care Bear Cousins Costumes

Alright, so maybe bears aren't your thing. That might seem nearly impossible...but some folks like other critters way more. Some wonder what life would be like as a mighty elephant or a perfect penguin. Maybe you love dogs above all others or find the clever thieving of the raccoon to be astounding. Well, for that, we'd like to introduce you to the denizens of the Forest of Friendship! Team up with the Care Bears with these Care Cousins costumes and let out the Cousin's Call. (It makes the Care Bear Stare even more powerful, after all.)

Care Bear Clothes and Accessories

It’s great to bring your Care Bears on the go! Of course, as much as we know you’d love to bring your stuffed animals and epic costumes wherever you go, that’s not always so easily done. That’s why we have a bunch of Care Bear clothes to wear when you’re out on the town. Bring a bit of Care Bear flair to your accessorizing, too, and you might find that you have a little extra skip in your step! From hats and shoes to bags and more, we have Care Bears clothing and gear that we know you'll love.

Care Bear Backpacks

Care Bear Backpacks

The Care Bears always need to have a few extra tricks up their sleeves. Well, they would if they wore shorts or jackets, anyway. Their fuzzy fur doesn’t really work with regular fashion statements. Fortunately, Grumpy came up with the perfect invention to help them tote their things. It’s the Care Bear Backpack! Keep your things close and show off your favorite Care Bear face at the same time. It’s genius-level tech direct from Care-a-Lot!

Care Bear Clothes

Care Bear Clothes

You know the feeling when you strike a power pose while wearing some of your favorite clothes? You can practically feel the energy just beaming off you and you just know that the camera loves every moment. Well, that's not exactly like the power of the Care Bear Stare, but it's pretty darn close. Unless, of course, you're wearing our Care Bears clothing! Suddenly your clothes are truly beaming those bright colors for real!

Care Bear Sweaters

Care Bear Sweaters

There's something pretty adorable about the trend of those "ugly Christmas sweaters," right? We've forged a special little corner with some of our very own Care Bears sweaters that are certain to make for the ultimate gift. Be the cutest Scrooge there ever was with a Grumpy sweater and bring smiles to your family. Better yet, wrap up an Ugly Care Bears Sweater for your fam and spread Christmas cheer the way only a Care Bear can!

Care Bear Slippers

Care Bear Slippers

Think about the best hug you've ever gotten. Obviously, it was a bear hug, right? Warm, strong, and just the right about of fuzzy-wuzzy, right?! Now, imagine that you could have that beautiful bear hug...on your feet. You’re walking around on them all day and those dogs get sore. It's time to give them the fuzzy cuddle they deserve, and only a pair of Care Bear slippers are up to the task! Why, they’re enough to give Grumpy some Cheer!

Care Bears FAQs

If you’ve ever wanted to be in the know about all things Care Bears, we’ve got a few answers for your frequently asked questions! So, when your friends and family ask how these greeting card critters turned into the famous citizens of Care-a-Lot, you’ll have an honorary belly badge!

What are the Care Bears’ names?

Each of the Care Bears have a unique name relating to their personality and the powers of their belly badge. The original Care Bears team included Tenderheart Bear, Bedtime Bear, Birthday Bear, Cheer Bear, Friend Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, and Wish Bear. They were later joined by several others, including the Care Cousins with names like Brave Heart Lion, Swift Heart Rabbit, Bright Heart Raccoon, and Loyal Heart Dog.

Where did the Care Bears come from?

The Care Bears started out as 10 unique characters on American Greeting cards, released in 1981. The adorable friends wished people quick recoveries, happy birthdays, and did their best to spread cheer. (It's no wonder why they had the names they did!) Within a couple years, the cards weren't enough. They became plush teddy bears and had their very own animated show from 1985 to 1988. Since then, they've appeared again in movies, reimagined series, and cute costumes!

How many Care Bears are there?

That's...a harder question to answer. There were 10 original Care Bears, plus another 16 added in the early series. (Including Tugs and Hugs, the babies of the bunch!) Through one of the most popular films, there were up to 39 Care Bears. The family kept growing up to a list of 55 Care Bears, plus the 11 Care Cousins. Of course, a creative doodle and an innovative idea can add another Oopsy Bear to the list and the ranks can just keep growing.

What are the most popular Care Bears?

You'd think that in a world of magically caring bears, the most popular would be the strongest or at least the friendliest out there. Maybe it is because of his sullen attitude or the fact that he's often the silver-lining to his own dark cloud, but Grumpy Bear often ranks among the most beloved. He's followed quickly by Cheer Bear, an icon for anyone who loves rainbows, though Wish Bear's unique power certainly makes for a unique Care Bear, too. We imagined Tenderheart Bear, as the leader, would be a bit more memorable, but he's happy to give the limelight to his blue, pink, and green buddies instead!

What are the Care Bears’ powers?

The most powerful magic that all Care Bears possess is their Care Bear Stare. They line up and beam out rainbow energy from their bellies to dispel evil and bring good cheer to everyone. But, did you know that each Care Bear has their own unique powers, too?! Bedtime Bear is the warden of the dream world and can chase away nightmares. Friend Bear can communicate with anyone while Share Bear can talk to animals. Wish Bear and Good Luck Bear can grant a few wishes, though their rules are even more restrictive than your average genie. With all these unique powers, which Care Bear has the magic that meets your needs?