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Seeing the Care Bears solve their problems just by caring... well, it just fills our hearts with joy! We want to take that kind of joy with us everywhere, but we also need to carry a few accessories. The solution? One of our Care Bears backpacks! With a variety of designs, including ones based on Cheer Bear and Grumpy Bear. You can get a Care Bear bag that fits your own personal sensibilities!
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Care Bears Classic All Over Print Mini Backpack
Made By Us
Sale - 14% Exclusive
Care Bears Cheer Bear Ita Bag
Made By Us
Sale - 83% Exclusive
Care Bears Halloween Mini Backpack-2
Made By Us
Sale - 13% Exclusive
Funshine Bear Plush Care Bears Backpack
Made By Us
Sale - 17% Exclusive
Products 1 - 6 of 6

We remember the 80s pretty fondly. It was the age of bright colors, upbeat music, and the best cartoons that the world has ever produced! That last bit is just something that we're not willing to debate. After all, the 1980s brought us the Care Bears and Care Bears is life.

Sure, each episode may have been a bit formulaic—the bad guy shows up, starts acting mean, tries to do something terrible to the world, and the Care Bears show up to solve the problem with love and understanding—but that's the kind of message that's been sorely missing from the world! The Care Bears don't win by being aggressive or by escalating conflict. They pacify bad guys by showing their immense compassion. Now, that's something we wish we could bottle up and take with us everywhere!

Well, the closest thing is to bring something with you everywhere that's a reminder of those values! That's part of why we love these Care Bears backpacks. Each one captures the essence of the classic cartoon and helps remind us to remain compassionate, to remain understanding, and to keep caring, even when the world seems to be going through some tough times. Of course, it also helps you out by carrying a few of your essentials with you during your daily journies, whether that means standing up to a real-life Shrieky or you're just trying to add a little happiness into the world.

We have various styles of Care Bears bags, including our immensely popular all-over print mini backpack. This Made by Us design brings you all of the Care Bears you love in a convenient backpack that can be used as your everyday bag. We also have plush Care Bears backpacks. Each one of these are designed to look like your favorite character. You can find styles that include Cheer Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Tenderheart Bear. All you have to do is choose the one that reflects your own inner character and head out with the power of the Care Bears!

If you're a huge fan of the Care Bears, or if you want to promote love and compassion, then grab one of our Care Bears bags! They'll go great with many different outfits and it'll add a little bit of cheer into your everyday apparel!