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What can we say? We love everything about Captain Marvel, the way she blasts bad guys with photon blasts. That’s why we’ve brought together some of the coolest Captain Marvel gifts around. From officially licensed clothing based on the superhero, to some high collectible toys, we have everything a Captain Marvel fan could dream of here!
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POP Vinyl The Marvels Captain Marvel
Sale - 17%
POP Vinyl The Marvels Photon
Sale - 33%
POP Vinyl The Marvels Nick Fury
Sale - 17%
POP Keychain The Marvels Photon
Sale - 33%
10963 Duplo Spider-Man & Friends: Funfair Adventur
Clearance  - 25%
POP Vinyl The Marvels Dar Benn
Sale - 17%
POP Vinyl The Marvels Ms Marvel
Sale - 17%
Red and Gold Sexy Superhero Boots
Sale - 14%
Captain Marvel Deluxe Kids Costume
Sale - 11%
Pop! Marvel: Captain Marvel- Goose the Cat
Out of Stock
Captain Marvel Q-Fig Diorama
Out of Stock
Products 1 - 37 of 37

Captain Marvel is a superhero with a long history in Marvel comics. The original Captain Marvel was a Kree character named, Mar-vell, cooked up by Stan Lee. He had limited success in his original run of comics in the late 60s, but his character was put on the shelf for a while, with multiple heroes taking on his persona, but never really taking it on. Of course, that was all until Carol Danvers came along…

Carol gets caught up in an explosion involving a Kree device and Captain Marvel. She survives the ordeal and after a swift recovery, she seems to have acquired some “side effects”, namely some sweet superpowers! She eventually gained the power of flight and the ability to shoot some pretty snazzy photon blasts from her hands. She’s also super strong (probably stronger than Thor) and has an innate resistance to poisons and toxins! Of course, she didn’t just stop at being one of the most powerful superheroes in the comics.

Captain Marvel’s introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she has become the most powerful character in superhero films too! Brie Larson has assumed the role of the stalwart hero and with the resurgence in the character’s popularity comes plenty of cool Captain Marvel gifts! Yes, that’s right. We’ve been busy bringing together some of the coolest merch based on the Marvel superhero and brought them all into one place.

So, just what kind of Captain Marvel stuff can you find here? Well, first off, we have some cool toys based on the movie. We carry tons of Funko Pop! vinyl figures, which include all of the major characters from the movie. We have Carol Danvers, her kitty cat, Goose (also known as Chewie), a young and spry Nick Fury figure, along with some of the other characters from the movie. We also have a Goose keychain, which is perfect for any fan of the film.

Our Captain Marvel swag doesn’t stop at toys, though. We also have a selection of apparel for everyday wear. That means you can feel like a superhero, even when you’re just heading out to do a few errands. We carry various Captain Marvel bags, including a leather handbag and a mini backpack, both of which are designed to look like her iconic costume. We have a mini bi-fold wallet which also features the golden star of Captain Marvel. We also have a stylish shrug based on her suit that can be paired with plenty of different casual outfits!

Finally, we have an awesome selection of Captain Marvel costumes for anyone looking to cosplay as Carol Danvers. We have styles for kids, including her classic outfit and one depicting her Kree soldier costume. We also have some great accessories to finish off the look!

If you’re looking for a Captain Marvel gift, then you’ve found the right place! With toys, clothes, accessories, costumes and more based on the character, you should be able to find the perfect present for anyone who loves the iconic superhero character.