6 Pop Culture Christmas Trees

pop culture christmas trees


You know those classic carol lyrics, "deck the halls with boughs of holly?" They're obviously super helpful if you're looking for ideas on how to decorate your halls, but there aren't any carol lyrics that tell you how to deck your Christmas tree! We decided to take advantage of there being no guidelines and create six creative pop culture themed trees. It just wouldn't be very FUN.com of us if we used plain old bulbs to decorate, so we opted instead for doughnuts, Hulk hands, inflatable bananas, and glowing Elvish swords.


1. Hobbit Tree

Hobbit Theme Christmas Tree - Pop Culter Trees


Is anything more inviting than the prospect of curling up in a recliner beside Shelob to read some Tolkien, while you bask in the glow of a Hobbit themed Christmas tree? We wove several Hobbit Map Scarves through the branches to start off this theme, and the main accent pieces are leaf clasps, Smeagol bobbleheads, various weaponry from the realm, and of course, one ring to rule them all (Can you spot it?). The skirt is comproised of several pairs of hairy Hobbit feet slippers!


Hobbit Theme Christmas Tree - Pop Culter Trees

Gandalf Hat - Shop        Glowing Sword - Shop        Smeagol Bobblehead - Shop

     Hobbit Map Scarf - Shop         Shelob Prop - Shop         Hobbit Feet Slippers - Shop



2. Avengers Tree

Marvel Avengers Theme Christmas Tree - Pop Culture Christmas Trees


Avengers assemble! We had a blast putting together this super themed tree, complete with a foam Hulk hand topper. Besides the stand-out items like Captain America's shield, Thor's Hammer, and an adorable Iron Man plush doll, the tree is filled with brightly colored Avengers party favors, and silver star wands. Notice the cozy Superhero throw blanket on the chair? We made it! Here are the instructions on how to make your own DIY vintage hero quilt.


Marvel Avengers Theme Christmas Tree - Pop Culture Christmas Trees

Foam Hulk Hands - Shop         Captain America Shield Prop - Shop         Iron Man Figure - Shop

Thor Hammer Prop - Shop       Avengers Tablecloth [Skirt] - Shop       Carboard Avenger Cutouts - Shop



3. Mario Kart Tree

Mario Kart Theme Christmas Tree - Pop Culture Christmas Trees


You may have a great career and a beautiful family, but you won't know TRUE success until you've earned a gold trophy in Mario Kart. Dodging bananas, tossing red shells, and power sliding past your competitors? Aint nothin' like it. We find the results of our Mario Kart themed tree similarly victorious. Plush backpacks and an inflatable banana are the attention-grabbers on this tree, and we filled it out with wall decal stickers, checkered flags, and a DIY Item Box tree topper. We even stuck a life size ride-on Kart underneath this geeky beauty!


Mario Kart Theme Christmas Tree - Pop Culture Christmas Trees

Mario Plush Backpack - Shop        Yoshi Plush Backpack - Shop        Mushroom Purse - Shop

Inflatable Banana - Shop        Mario Kart Wall Decals - Shop        Checkered Flag Petticoat [Skirt] - Shop


4. Frozen Tree

Frozen Theme Christmas Trees - Pop Culture Christmas Trees


Frozen was the hit film of 2014, and its icy landscape made it the perfect theme choice for a chilly white Christmas tree! We brought in a blue motif with the help of some turqoise feather boas, and accented the tree with Pop Vinyl Figurines from the movie's most famous characters. You'll also see large wall decals, a throw blanket tree skirt, and a pair of long Elsa gloves - conceal don't feel!


Frozen Theme Christmas Trees - Pop Culture Christmas Trees

Olaf Fleece Hat [Topper] - Shop        Frozen Wall Decals - Shop        Frozen Throw Blanket - Shop

Olaf Plush Backpack - Shop        Frozen Character Pop Vinyl Figures - Shop        Blue Gloves - Shop

Turqoise Feather Boa - Shop        Elsa Wand - Shop         Frozen Tiara - Shop


4. Sesame Street Tree

Sesame Stree Theme Christmas Tree - Pop Culture Christmas Trees


This just in: Sesame Street has the word tree right in it! Sesame sTREEt! We couldn't believe that was just a coincidence, and had a blast putting together this bright, fluffy, inviting tree. We perched a Big Bird puppet on top and continuted the Big Bird theme by weaving yellow feather boas throughout the branches. The rest of the tree features 12 to 14 inch character plushes, Sesame Street coasters, and a chocolate chip cookie tree skirt - nom nom nom!


Sesame Stree Theme Christmas Tree - Pop Culture Christmas Trees

Big Bird Puppet - Shop        Yellow Feather Boa - Shop        Cookie Tunic [Skirt] - Shop        Tin Banks - Shop

Sesame Street Coasters - Shop      Sesame Street Plush Dolls - Shop      Logo Messenger Bag - Shop       


6. Simpsons Tree

The Simpsons Theme Christmas Tree - Pop Culture Christmas Trees


Any tree that has a sparkly Marge wig as a topper and a Duff can "beeramid" as the skirt, is going to be a winner in our books. To achieve the Duff can effect, we just printed off Duff logos from a free printable and taped them to a bunch of empty soda cans! The rest of the tree is populated by plush character figurines, stainless steel donut flasks (!), and cheery bow ties. If you don't try recreating this tree at home, you'll be kicking yourself for Christmases to come - DOH!


The Simpsons Theme Christmas Tree - Pop Culture Christmas Trees

Marge Simpson Wig - Shop        Yellow Petticoat [Skirt] - Shop        Donut Flask - Shop

Yellow Bow Tie - Shop         Medium Homer Plush - Shop        Medium Bart Plush - Shop

Medium Marge Plush - Shop         Red Scarf - Shop         Jumbo Maggie Plush - Shop


Do you have a crazy themed tree in your home or office? We SO need to see it! Send us pictures in the comments, along with any theme ideas you'd like us to try next time. Merry Christmas!

Aleksandra Sobic Aleksandra is FUN.com's Brand Manager. What's fun for her? Finding innovative garnishes to put in her Bloody Marys (try cold pizza!), working Jurassic Park references into everyday conversations (spared no expense!), crafting with perler beads (8-bit is back, baby!), and watching every horror movie currently available on Netflix (no aside needed!).