Published on August 2, 2019

Back to School Geek Chic Bags & Backpacks

Back to School Geek Chic Bags & Backpacks

It's almost 'Back to School' season which is just another great excuse to go shopping! If you're looking for a new bag, backpack, or accessory to bring with you to class, you've come to the right place. Mixing the perfect balance of playful and chic, we've worked with some of our favorite social media influencers to put together this back to school accessory guide! Be sure to let us know which bag you would hit the classroom with in the comments below.

Minnie Mouse Loungefly Bag

Minnie Mouse Back to School Loungefly Bag

@savvygreystyles | Minnie Mouse Faux Leather Loungefly Crossbody Bag | Shop Mickey & Minnie Mouse Gifts

Jennifer is sporting this simple, yet elegant two-toned Minnie Mouse bag. Perfect for holding all of your essential stationery items, this bag will keep you looking ready for class. The iconic red bow paired with the silver lettering will have your classmates turning their heads as you walk into the classroom ready to learn in style.

Mickey Mouse Backpack

Mickey Mouse Backpack

@shenksforthememories | Mickey Mouse Backpack | Shop Mickey & Minnie Mouse Gifts

Beth looks adorable in her red Mickey Mouse print dress which pairs perfectly with this Mickey Mouse backpack. The backpack features the classic look from Mickey's shorts and adds a touch of class with the gold lettering at the top. The front pocket is perfect for holding pens, chargers, snacks, and whatever else you might need to survive your day of class. The larger pocket is great for storing your tablet, laptop, notebooks, and other larger materials.

Evil Queen Loungefly Mini Backpack

Evil Queen Loungefly Mini Backpack
@montanapaxton | Evil Queen Loungefly Mini Backpack | Shop Disney Gifts

Feelin' bad? Montana Paxton has got the look for you. This bewitching Loungefly mini backpack is perfect for the villain in you. The Evil Queen's piercing eyes will watch your back and ensure that all snitchers in your class remain silent. The black, purple, and gold color scheme is hauntingly enchanting and will go great with the dark colors in your wardrobe. Whether you're in high school or elementary school, the Loungefly mini backpacks look adorable, regardless of your age.

Exclusive Care Bears Cheer Bear Backpack

Care Bears Backpack

@littlesweetkaren | Care Bears Cheer Bear Backpack | Shop Care Bears Gifts

Karen is really giving us some serious nostalgia vibes with this cuddly Cheer Bear backpack. Though this backpack would look absolutely adorable on a kid, who says adults can't join in on the fun? Whether you're going to class with a professor or an elementary teacher, this backpack will bring cheer with you wherever you go and is the perfect way to brighten up the classroom!

Star Wars Bags and Backpacks

Star Wars Backpacks

@our.happiest.adventures | Stuffed Chewbacca Backpack | Stuffed Darth Vader Backpack | Shop Star Wars Gifts

Have a little one that doesn't need to bring a lot of school supplies with them? Get them these charming stuffed figure backpacks featuring two of the most iconic characters from the Star Wars series. Without the straps, they appear as though they are just stuffed figures. Put on the straps and you have yourself a 17" tall backpack, great for keeping all their favorite snacks, school supplies, and whatever else they need to get through their school day!

BB-8 Loungefly Mini Backpack

Star Wars BB8 Loungefly Backpack

@andisakowski | Shop Star Wars Gifts

Let's be real, can you really go wrong with a BB-8 backpack? The answer is no. Andi's Disneybound Rey fits perfectly with this stunning tribute to one of our favorite droids in the galaxy. Again, with these Loungefly mini backpacks, they go great on adults and on kids. They are travel size ready and will easily fit in your locker if necessary.

R2-D2 Drawstring Backpack

Star Wars R2D2 Backpack

@aliya_burshan | R2-D2 Drawstring Backpack | Shop Star Wars Gifts

Aliya is repping the ultimate Disney/Star Wars merger with her stylish two-toned outfit. Are Mickey and R2 the new dynamic duo? We think so! If you're someone who likes to bring everything with them on the go, this drawstring backpack comes with plenty of storage space. The backpack also features a magnetic snap closure at the top so you can be subtle and non-distracting when opening your backpack during class.

Letter to Hogwarts Envelope Clutch Bag

Harry Potter Letter from Hogwarts Bag

@enchantedjules | Letter to Hogwarts Envelope Clutch Bag | Shop Harry Potter Gifts

Have you been forever chasing that feeling of receiving a Letter from Hogwarts? Now you don't have to with this Letter to Hogwarts envelope clutch bag. If you're looking for something more compact to hold your pens, phone, and other classroom materials, this magical clutch could be your go-to. The gold chain gives the faint white bag an elegant lift. Jules is pulling off the ultimate Harry Potter bound and looks ready to hit the library!

Danielle Nicole Luna Lovegood Bag

Harry Potter Danielle Nicole Luna Lovegood Bag

@mainstreet_mermaid | Danielle Nicole Luna Lovegood Pouch | Shop Harry Potter Gifts

This Danielle Nicole bag is a gorgeous tribute to arguably one of the most memorable characters of the Harry Potter series, Luna Lovegood. The bag embodies the bright, whimsical spirit that Luna carries and is perfect for anyone who is a true Ravenclaw at heart. Whether you're looking for a bag to hold your pencils and erasers or a makeup bag for your locker, you can't go wrong with this beautifully outrageous bag.

Captain Marvel Loungefly Bag

Captain Marvel Loungefly Bag

@missvintagelady | Captain Marvel Faux Leather Loungefly Tote | Shop Marvel Gifts

Curtsie is pulling off a truly marvelous look by pairing her vintage-inspired dress with this beautiful Captain Marvel floral-print tote. While we still think it's a good idea to have a backpack handy, you can pick up a tote and switch your style throughout the week. Not only does this broaden your options for outfits but it also is a great excuse to shop!

Donut Backpack

Donut Backpack

@aliya_burshan | Donut Backpack | Shop Bags and Backpacks

If your go-to breakfast is donuts, you're not alone. If nutrition wasn't a thing, we'd have donuts for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. Since unfortunately, that's not realistically possible, we can still share our love of donuts with the world. The best part about this backpack is that it not only features donuts...but also POTATO CHIPS. The potato is arguably the most versatile of foods in the world. You can make twice-baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato chips, french fries, au gratin potatoes, the list could go on. So share your love of donuts and potatoes with your class with this cute and colorful foodie backpack.

Did you find one you loved? If so, let us know in the comments! If you didn't find one, don't worry, we have over 500 for you to shop from. Check out our entire collection of bags and backpacks. Be sure to take pics with your new accessories and tag us on Instagram (@fundotcom_).

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