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Batgirl is always ready for anything that comes her way. Want to be ready for your kiddo's next birthday? Check out our Batgirl gifts! Our Batgirl apparel just might inspire your kid to come up with as many quips as the young heroine. While your kid might be great at capturing the bad guys and coming up with ways to spoil a dastardly plot, she's also going to need something to wear. Keep your little Batgirl bright, sparkly and ready for action!
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Products 1 - 7 of 7

Does your kiddo like to pretend to fight crime? There are so many bad guys out there! There are the typical bad guys like the Joker, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. But then again, the classic Batwoman wanted to partner with her. Probably because Batwomen is a totally smart, smooth heroine that's stood out decade-after-decade! 

Do you know Barbara Gordon? She's not hiding anything. She's just a quiet librarian that's really great at research. She can solve a riddle in a snap. She knows how to make her community happy and safe. But fighting crime? We just don't know. That seems like a strange thing for this quiet librarian to do. It turns out, Barbara is just better at hiding her superheroine self compared to other heroes. She might spend her whole day telling kids to be quiet and charging people with overdue fees but she's ready to transform when crime comes to mess around in her community!

Whether the people in your life love the cartoon or the comic books, you're sure to love our Batgirl gifts! Little girls will love our Batgirl shirt. It has a comfortable fit that can be tucked in or hang loose for crime-fighting rich playtime. The front has white stars while the front has a bright gold Batgirl symbol in the front. 

Or maybe you have an older Batgirl fan on your gift list? We get it. We're thinking she's going to love the blue and yellow Batgirl cape shirt! It has everything Batgirl might need to take down the bad guys. It features Batgirl's utility belt, the Batgirl symbol, and a showstopping cape. It's the perfect shirt to dress up without going all out. You could even run a race in this shirt if you and your friends are dressing up as DC heroes! 

From birthdays to Christmas to Hannukah and even a few small events like getting good grades and winning a spelling bee, there's always a reason to get Batgirl fans a Batgirl gift. You'll also find other DC Super Hero groups in other categories. We have Poison Ivy for that plant loving fan in your life. Or shake things up when you put together a gift basket with the Batgirl t-shirt, a Wonder Woman Pop vinyl figure, and a Supergirl figure. You could even add the Three of a Kind Super Girls t-shirt that represents all of the tough, crime-fighting superheroine girls. So, if you're looking to show the superhero fangirl in your life that you care about her interests, then you'll love the gifts in our category. 

Batgirl has been around for decades now. There's no way she's going away. Celebrate her smart, tough, and witty spirit with Batgirl gifts! They're sure to inspire a lifelong interest in the tough women from DC comics. Girls wearing a Batgirl t-shirt just might stand up for what they believe in. They just might strive to be stronger and faster and a little bit tougher. Gift wonderful Batgirl gifts to the little heroine and watch the transformation happen!