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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Do you love music? Of course you do! Only zombies and monsters don’t care for music. The only thing better than listening to your favorite tracks is sharing your favorite bands and artists with your friends and family. What’s even better than that is sharing that same music with complete strangers! The best way to do that is to load up on your favorite band and artists clothing accessories. We’re talking hats, belts, and socks with your favorite band logos on them!




Music is so deeply ingrained into our human society that it’s hard to imagine what society would be without it. The last decade has brought us rock and roll, heavy metal, hip hop, punk, and grunge. What a time to be alive! And with the advent of technology, your favorite tunes are at your fingertips. You could literally be listening to your favorite Beatles song and then listen to Slayer the very next minute. After that, you could load up a Run DMC track to round out your listening experience. Sometimes, you just need to express your favorite band beyond just the music. Sometimes, you just need to band t-shirts to express your love. You need a hat, or a pin! The good news is that we have those in spades here.

Let’s start with our selection of rock apparel. We have AC/DC backpack, for fans who like dirty deeds done dirt cheap. We also carry baseball caps and socks based on the heavy rock band, so it’s easy for you to suit up from head to toe in AC/DC accessories. We also have classics in the form of Rolling Stones patches and various pieces of KISS apparel. And don’t even think for a second that we forgot about David Bowie, because we have multiple hats and accessories based on the legendary rocker. You can also get your Pink Floyd fix here, since we also have hats and bags based on the prog rock band.

Maybe your tastes are a little… heavier. Well, then it’s time to check out our heavy metal apparel. Slayer lapel pins are an easy addition to any hat or backpack. Toss an Iron Maiden hat on your head to maximize your metal experience or snag you can carry your cash like a true metalhead with an Iron Maiden wallet. You can even honor the late Lemmy Kilmister with a Motorhead hat.

None of those artists your cup of tea? Well, we also carry a selection of hip-hop themed items, including Wu-Tang belts and Run DMC themed hats. If you have a bit of an alternative stickler, then you should check out our Nirvana apparel, or sling our Misfits belt around your waist. The point is, we carry some great music-themed apparel to satisfy any fan.

Whether you just need some new swag to round out your music-themed apparel, or you need gifts for music lovers in your life, our selection of band clothing and apparel is a great place to start.