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Products 1 - 6 of 6

Do you remember thinking that the DeLorean was probably the coolest car ever built? Or wishing you could dial a date into your past and rewrite your future? Do you remember seeing Marty McFly visit the year 2015 in Back to the Future II and wish you could have self-tying shoes and a hoverboard? (By the way time is ticking and we still don't have these, what gives?) If any of these statements have a ring of truth in them, you probably are a fan of Back to the Future. Whether you know a fellow enthusiast or just want to promote one of the best trilogys ever made, this collection of Back to the Future gifts ensure that you'll give the perfect gift in the present, thereby eliminating a need for any do-overs. Whew! Good thing too because it is getting much harder to get your hands on a DeLorean.

Back to the Future Toys & Collectibles

Back to the Future fans have been celebrating the beloved movie trilogy for 30 years and counting. The first film made a big splash and wowed millions around the world. But by the time Robert Zemeckis added 2 more movies to the series it had become a total cult sensation! If you count yourself among the many fans who love the franchise, then we're sure you'd love to have some Back to the Future merchandise to show off. As a top shopping spot, we have a huge selection of Back to the Future collectibles, toys, apparel, and gifts available here at We sell collectibles like Back the Future Funko Pops and plush, toys like Back to the Future Action Figures and DeLorean cars, and entertaining Back to the Future games and puzzles. If you'd like to learn more about the top-selling BTTF items we offer, just check out this guide for more info on the coolest merch!

Back to the Future Funko POP!

Funko is a renowned pop-culture collectible company thanks to their POP! series of vinyl figures. No matter the fandom, it's a safe bet that Funko offers their cute POP! figures for characters and figures in the franchise. So, when it comes to a series with a legacy like Back to the Future, you can be sure that they've produced lots and lots of POPs!

Back to the Future Funko POP!

Funko Back to the Future POP! are highly sought after as collectibles and display pieces, and we sell some of those high-demand vinyl figures right here on our site. You'll want to start your shopping by looking at a pair of iconic figures, the Marty in Puffer Vest figure and Dr. Emmett Brown POP! vinyl. Each is dressed in the gear from the time travel experiment that started all the action, complete with Marty holding a camcorder and Dr. Brown holding the remote control of the DeLorean.

Once you have those 2 figures in your cart, be sure to check out the other Back to the Future vinyl figures we have in stock. With lots of variant POP! from the different time periods we see in the films, there are many options to choose from. We even offer the POP! Town Clock Tower set complete with Doc Brown and the Hill Valley courthouse!

Back to the Future Toys

With Back to the Future's long-running popularity there have been many toys offered for the series over the years. That naturally includes toys for kids with Back to the Future action figures, playsets, and plush toys. But toy collecting by adults has grown by leaps and bounds in the past several years. New toymakers have been crafting deluxe action figures for favorite franchises both present and past, and Back to the Future has enjoyed renewed interest with lots of fresh toy offerings. We feature some of the most sought out Back to the Future toys on the market today, starting with collectible Marty McFly figures and Back to the Future DeLorean toys at the top of the list!

Back to the Future Action Figures

Back to the Future Action Figures

Whether you're a seasoned collector or are thinking about buying collectible toys for the first time, it's prime time to get some Back to the Future action figures. Because with Doc Brown and Marty McFly figures from elite toy makers like NECA, you have a chance to get what are undoubtedly the coolest Back to the Future figures ever made! We proudly sell those NECA toys here and a great one to start with is the Ultimate Marty McFly 7-Inch Figure, pictured above. Its depiction of actor Michael J Fox is officially licensed, and the figure comes with accessories like his guitar, skateboard, and camcorder so you can recreate some of Marty's most memorable movie moments. We also have NECA figures for Doc Brown and Biff Tannen, as well as the retro Back to the Future ReAction figures by Super7. Be sure to shop our entire selection to see the latest items!

Back to the Future Car Toys

Back to the Future Car Toys

Aside from Marty and Doc, there's an element to the Back to the Future story that's a serious star in its own right. The DeLorean time machine! The stainless-steel clad DMC DeLorean was a real-world flop with car consumers, but it turned out to be the perfect vehicle for the time-traveling exploits of the film trilogy. Today, of course, it's perhaps the most famous movie vehicle of all time and a fan favorite for its unforgettable styling. While it would cost an arm and a leg to have a real-world replica of the DeLorean time machine, we offer DeLorean die-cast replicas that are friendly on the pocketbook and fit right on your desk! The Back to the Future car model pictured here is an instant classic. From Jada Toys, it's modeled after the car's look in Back to the Future II, complete with a Mr. Fusion machine and wheels that rotate downward for hover conversion mode.

Playmobil Back to the Future

Thanks to Playmobil, new Back to the Future toys aren't just for collectors! That's because the fantastic toy company produces sets for the franchise that are geared specifically towards kids. Of course, collectors love Playmobil sets, too, but with pieces and figures designed for ages 4 and up they're the perfect way to introduce little ones to the series. We feature the most popular Back to the Future Playmobil Sets at, and they're+ a great choice to give to a child.

Playmobil Back to the Future Toy

Start your shopping by looking at the Playmobile DeLorean playset. The toy version of the iconic time machine features all sorts of bells and whistles to keep your kiddo entertained. The toy car has functioning light effects and wheels that spin and even fold downward to activate hover flight mode. The set includes figures for Marty and Doc along with a figure for Einstein the dog, and lots of accessories like a camcorder, remote control, a skateboard, and even a plutonium case with Plutonium rods!

That DeLorean car isn't the only Back to the Future set offered by Playmobil, though, because we also sell the Marty's pick-up truck set. This cool playset features the black off-roader that Marty loves driving, and includes figures for Marty, Jennifer Parker, and Biff Tannen. With the many play options, the different Back to the Future playsets offers, be sure to shop all of the sets we have available. Pairing several sets together allows your kiddo to recreate movie moments and will even let them craft new storylines!

Back to the Future Board Games and Puzzles

Fans of gaming can bring their love of Back to the Future to game night with Back to the Future: Back in Time! This board game is published by Funko games and is based on the original movie with gameplay taking place in 1955 Hill Valley. For 2 to 4 players, the cooperative play style of this game has each player taking on the role of Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Jennifer Parker, or Einstein the dog. You have to collect items to fix the time machine, defeat Biff Tannen, and make sure Marty's parents fall in love. Just like the movie! If you can take care of all that, you just have to make sure the DeLorean hits 88mph before 10:04pm to win the game.

Back to the Future Board Games

Another entertaining option for BTTF fans is to consider a puzzle based on the franchise! We offer a Back to the Future puzzle with imagery that comes right from the beloved movie. The 1000-piece puzzle features a stunning design of the rear of the DeLorean time machine, right as it hits 88mph to activate the flux capacitor. The exciting picture shows off the electrical discharge of the time travel effect and flames on the road, along with details like the iconic OUTATIME California license plates and a Back the Future graphic logo at the bottom center. It's a puzzle that's sure to offer hours of fun while assembling fun, and it's sure to give you some serious fan satisfaction when you complete it to see the amazing graphic art it shows off!