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Astronaut Costumes

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Take playtime and Halloween off-planet with astronaut costumes from our selection! Whether you want to become your favorite Space Ranger with a Buzz Lightyear costume or your kiddo dreams of becoming the next famous moon-walker, we have the costumes for you! So, sit back and prepare for departure; this selection is about to blast off!
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Orange Astronaut Adult Jumpsuit Costume
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White Astronaut Costume for Girls
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Men's Deluxe Astronaut Costume
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Womens Astronaut Jumpsuit
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Kid's Orange Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume
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Girls Astronaut Jumpsuit
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Products 1 - 6 of 6

You’ve explored the deep seas and discovered giant squids that love sweets. The darkest forests have revealed that baby bears get along with frolicking deer. In wide-open plains, cowboys guided herds of young animals to bountiful meals. And in the wildest fantasy realms, fairies, dragons, and knights went on quests to obtain chalices full of treats. But space remains the final Halloween costume frontier. What mysteries do the stars hold for you and yours? Experience an out-of-this-world adventure with astronaut costumes from our selection!

Before you rocket up, up, and away make sure you have everything you need. A good space suit and astronaut helmet aren’t to be forgotten, even if you’re only moonwalking down the block for a Mars bar. And in our selection of astronaut costumes, you’ll find gear for even the youngest space explorer.

Looking for more inspiration as you prepare for takeoff? Continue reading to hear a few of our jet-setting ideas!

Who will be head of command on your first trip into space? Did you pull the winning lotto ticket, or will you be playing co-pilot to a baby-faced commander? Pick out the NASA-inspired jumpsuit for every aspiring astronaut. There's a unique choice for you and yours to enjoy with bubblegum pink, vibrant orange, and classic white options in sizes from infant to adult. Just don’t forget a space helmet! You’ll find plush options and high-detailed exclusives that are as playful and fun to wear as any Halloween costume should be.

With the family suited up and helmets locked in place, it’s time to explore the stars. With your child leading the way, will you be asked to take on the role of a friendly Martian? Or do they want to become the alien species that’s infiltrated the family? Take a hard left at the top of our astronaut selection and discover other cosmic costumes to expand your space horizons. Or stay within mission protocol and accessorize your astronaut costume to take it to another dimension.

In our astronaut costume accessories collection, you’ll find padded gloves to match your orange space suit, backpacks that look like jetpacks, and full accessory kits that help you recruit Buzz Lightyear to your crew. Don’t just get ready for takeoff. Prepare for landing. Get your kiddo’s feet prepared for the gravity of the moon with costume boots. Or ensure all eyes are on you when you disembark the space shuttle wearing aviator sunglasses that are cooler than cool.

Whether you’re being sent into space to defend against candy-stealing alien species or to collect what may be the sweetest substance in the universe, our astronaut costumes will get you ready for the mission. Stick with everything here, or pair your costumes with sci-fi gifts and more from our wider selection for an experience worth writing Houston about!