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No matter what life you've been leading, sometimes all it takes is the right costume to change things up. With one of these Ant-Man costumes, you can really do that! It worked for Scott Lang, so you never know how big a change you might encounter! Or is that a 'small' change? 
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

If you thought that regular physics was pretty complicated, you're in a world of mystery when you start trying to figure out Quantum Physics. Of course, anybody that has been catching up on popular television over the last couple of decades is aware of that. So, what happens when a guy who isn't particularly informed about the deep mysteries that lay in realms that usually only sorcerers with strange fling rings can access end up with a suit that allows him to dive into places that he was sure he wouldn't have previously fit? Well, obviously you have to make a couple of movies out of something like that! 

That's precisely what happened to Scott Lang. It kind of depends on which version of Scott you go to for which story you find. In the comics, Scott is a pretty impressive engineer and could have likely gotten a job working for S.H.I.E.L.D. or Stark just on his merit alone. That's still basically true for Scott in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though he pretty much went right for a life of crime, using his electrical engineering know-how to perform some modern-day Robin Hood antics, stealing from other criminals and giving the benefits to those who really needed it. You know, the kind of "criminal" who technically goes to jail but that we're cheering for right from the very beginning. 

That's why when Scott nabs up the mysterious costume invented by Hank Pym, we're at least a little on his side. Sure, he's acting on misinformation, but who really thinks that carefully when it is for your kiddo!? You want to make them happy! And, if that means you're going to put on a weird looking tech-costume and suddenly find yourself thrust into the midst of an unexpected super-powered conflict between corrupt corporations or even a handful of hell-bent space aliens, well, that's just the thing that you've got to do! 

Now, we're not suggesting that you will have to engage in such illicit actions just to spend some quality time with the kiddos. We're not even saying that you'll need super-science to help you feel like you're really filling the shoes of one of the soon-to-be crucial components to the Avengers success against a horrible purple Titan with a penchant for jazz snaps that are directly related to the decimation of the galaxy! We just think that you're going to have a really good time running around in one of our Ant-Man Costumes.

You can start, obviously, with the high-tech look of Ant-Man, himself. That red and black color scheme is pretty spectacular and one of our helmets will have you feeling ready to chat up an entire colony of ants for the good of the world! Of course, you shouldn't ever fight danger by yourself, whether you're small as a bug or big as a bridge. So, the Wasp will be happy to join you. Bonus? She can fly. Of course, you'll have costume wings to go with this look, though we're still figuring out the Pym Particle, so they don't actually let you fly... yet, anyway. 

Get ready for a whole Quantum Realm worth of fun. (And, believe us, that's huge.)