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Dolls scared us long before we found out about the haunted Annabelle doll. After all, how could we be sure that the realistic doll our grandma gave us for our birthday wasn't coming to life while we slept? But after Annabelle made an appearance in The Conjuring movies, our old fears were darker than ever. The best way to address these fears? Lean in! Get Annabelle dolls and gifts on this page. Because you know she likes flattery!
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

From her first day on earth, Annabell has been stirring up trouble. You can see the evil as soon as you glance in the doll's direction. Those big blue eyes don't exactly beg for cuddles. Still, it's important to show the doll plenty of respect.

The original doll is tucked safely away in the Warren occult museum with a sign on her glass case that reads, "Warning, positively do not open". In real life the Annabell doll is a little less lifelike than in her movies. She looks more like a ragdoll. But that's typical for Hollywood. If they make a movie about any of us, they'll choose a polished actor or actress to take our place! Her homespun appearance doesn't stop this doll from wreaking havoc. Her resume includes writing creepy notes, possessions, attacking people, and a couple of incidents that almost lead to Warren's untimely end. 

If you're a horror fan, bring home an Annabelle doll will be an awesome addition to any creepy collection. Annabelle dolls typically come in a variety of sizes and price points. The box often comes with a wide front window with the same warning printed on the front that's inscribed on Annabelle's museum case. You'll find most Annabelle dolls are rich with unsettling details. Whether you order a plastic or resin version of Annabelle, you'll find she has subtle marks of her violent past on her face. Her pretty dress flows freely, allowing you to hide any wire holders used to prop her up. The innocent hairstyle we know from the movies is set in place with two neat braids and straight-cut bangs framing her spooky yet sweet face. 

Of course, fans of The Conjuring series will find more than Annabelle dolls on our site! If you're looking for funs ways to work Annabelle into your everyday decor, it's easy. Place an Annabell Pop Vinyl on your desk at work to stir up all sorts of spooky conversation. Hold your pencils in place with an Annabelle Geeki Tiki. From full-size prop replica Annabelle dolls to action figures with interchangeable faces, we carry everything you need to celebrate your creepy interests. 

So how about it, would you welcome an Annabelle replica into your home? Could you sleep with her propped up in the dark? Or is the much cuter and squeezable Annabelle plush more your speed? Whatever your tastes may be, you can bring The Conjuring universe just a little bit closer with these spook Annabelle gifts!