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You can relive one of the greatest eras of all time when you get into one of our 80s costumes! Our selection of exclusive 80s styles includes Karate Kid, Back to the Future, and costumes from Ghostbusters. We also carry plenty of neon tracksuits and Valley Girl costumes to commemorate the totally tubular fashion trends of the decade! Don't miss out on all these great 80s costume ideas!
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

Welcome to the 1980s, folks. It's the era of bright colors, valley-speak, amazing movies, tubular tunes, and an array of fashion that you can't find anywhere else. We're talking legwarmers and headbands, scrunchies and starbursts... not to mention shoulder pads galore! Alright, so many not all of the 80's fashion choices were stellar but we know that you're going to have a ton of fun when you slip into some of our 1980's costumes! 

The real question is which element of the '80s you want to employ! There are some great options to choose from: famous musicians, epic films, cartoons that we're still humming the theme to, and the list just goes on and on. Perhaps you already know exactly what you're looking for. Well, in that case, just skim through our themes within our Fun 1980's costumes and you're bound to find your prize. Otherwise, here are a few suggestions to help you blend in perfectly for that 80's theme party.

First off, you can't go wrong with 1980's movie costumes. We have several exclusive and licensed 80's movie costumes that are great for the individual or group costume looks. The '80s were chock-full of science fiction fun. Take a flight with E.T. or Alf and you've got yourself some alien fun that just won't quit. If that touches your nostalgia, just head back to the '80s with our licensed Back to the Future costumes, too! We're ready to say, "As you wish," to your requests for Princess Bride costumes or if you want a truly elegant affair, enter the Labyrinth with Jareth, the Goblin King! Beetlejuice, Karate Kid, Flashdance, and more! (At this point, we should just hire John Hughes on to complete the collection!) 

If you can hear the fun, that's because you probably have some '80s pop music playing. If that's true, you get moving to the music with our '80s workout costumes or become the toast of the town when you dress up as the king of pop! Get that bedazzled glove ready and show your moon dance moves to the crowd. Even better, pick from a wide selection of the one and only material girl with a host of pop star costumes that will make everyone else know they are seeing stars.  

It's clear that we care about offering the best in 80's costumes. That's why we're the masters of Care Bear costumes, too! Our officially licensed line of these iconic 80's cartoon characters will make sure that you, your friends, and the whole neighborhood can be decked out in custom fur jumpsuits that bear the bright looks that can only have come from the 1980s. Team up with Rainbow Brite, Carmen San Diego, and the rest of the animated crew for a party that even the '80s themselves couldn't compare!