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We'd like to take a moment to thank the 1970s for it's contribution to the fashion world. From bold prints and shift dresses to three-piece suits and turtle necked shirts, there's a lot we owe to 70s fashion including how we wear our hair. So, pay tribute to the era with one of our 1970s Costumes. You'll find everything you need for a night at the disco or a trip to a punk-rock club in our collection of costumes and accessories.
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

It is a time of uncertainty. The Great Decade War rages on. Which will come out the victor? Will it be the brightly colored 80s? The swell 50s? How about the flair of the 20s? 

Okay, so maybe the decade war isn't actually a thing. They each have something pretty snazzy to offer... but the 70s definitely has something about it that ensures it is always going to be ranked number one among a number of folks. We know that is partly because of the music. Certainly because of the disco dancing and the movies inspired by it. But it is also thanks in large part to the fashion! Phew! You can't dive into the '70s without being blessed by some psychedelic colors and some serious flower power! That means one thing: if you're looking for fun, you're looking for 1970's costumes to provide the fashion! 

You've got as many choices here as you have in disco soundtracks. You're going to be looking mostly at the traditional Disco tunes. For those looks, get your bellbottoms on and shake those sequins on the dance floor. That's how you awaken your inner Saturday Night Fever and transform yourself into a genuine dancing queen! (Plus, what kind of dance craze allows the guys to wear suits on the floor while still rocking out!?) Then again, if you really want to look spectacular, you have to reach for music known as glam rock. Those are hot songs that are coupled with looks that are out of this world... sometimes literally! Combine your Disco outfit with a pair of platform shoes, flared sleeves, and the wildest wig you can find and you're ready to perfect the funky steps while those deep notes blare! 

Of course, the 70s are also an extension of the time of peace and love from the 60s. So, you can keep on keeping on with the free-spirited look of the hippies. Faux leather, fringe, and flower-power all combine to offer you the free-range look of rockers that learned from Woodstock! 

One other fashion statement came to be in the 70s that seems to be locked in for all times! We're talking about the image of the Pimp Daddy. When you're rolling in cash, you want to make sure the whole world knows. Who wants a fresh-looking business suit when you an go with one made out of purple, crushed velvet? Who wants a simple baseball cap when you can have something with a brim so wide that you'll never see the sun again? And, do you want animal print? Of course, you do! Swing that cane around and practice your swagger when you're in a 70's Pimp Costume! 

Foxy hair, psychedelic style, and decked out duds await you when you look through our 1970's costume options. All you need to decide is which color palette fits your style. (Better yet, combine them all!)