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It's time for peace. It's time for love. It's time to remember and celebrate the '60s. If you've been feeling that things are just a bit too stressed out and that your groovy levels are in a serious deficit, we've got all the 1960s themed gifts that will help bring back some flower-power times!
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Jimi Hendrix Deluxe Jacket Costume for Men
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Kids Flower Child Costume
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Womens Plus Size Groovy Flower Power Costume
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Pink Frame Glasses
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Kids Native American Moccasins
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Products 1 - 9 of 9

No decade can claim to have absolute tranquility. There’s always something to work on and stand for. But the 60s can claim to have done the most—whether that's the truth or not, only time will tell. Until then, embrace all that the people of the 60s fought for with our 1960s collection of peace, love, and hippie stuff!

Whether you’re heading to a 60s themed party or looking for a gift for the 60s kindred spirit in your life, we can help. With flower power and go-go boots, we’ll get you what you need for any 60s situation. Need a bit more guidance on what groovy item would work best? Continue reading for a quick overview of what we have in store!

Shopping for someone that believes they should have been born in the 60s? A 1960s costume is an excellent way to let them live out that dream, even if just for a day. Floral patterns and earth-tones, rock music, and peace signs inspire our available selection's mellow styling. Pick out a hippie costume that you or your fellow 60s pal are sure to vibe with. Or grab a set of threads that bring the likeness of Jimi Hendrix to life. Whatever far-out costume you dig in our selection is ready to get you and yours in a 60s state of mind.

Have you found yourself raising a new age flower child? Without them getting too hip to the culture just yet, our selection of 1960s gifts lets them enjoy the lighter sides of the heavy decade. Flower crowns and hippie dresses offer something close to authentic. Meanwhile, modern 60s-inspired accessories, like flower decorated selfie glasses, give them flower power for today!

Need a bit of the psychedelic style for your home? Check out our available 60s décor. From cookie jars to bookends, we’re always adding more unique items to our selections that fit your groove!

Thinking it’d be fun to incorporate your favorite decade into your everyday wardrobe? Our 1960s costume accessories can help. From wigs in popular 60s styles to trippy boots in mind-blowing colors, you can enjoy 60s vibes whenever you’d like. Add a subtle nod to the 60s with simple peace sign jewelry. Perfect your Halloween costume with something as simple as thigh-high stockings. Or create your own look with items found here and across our entire costumes and clothing catalogs.

From music festivals to demonstrations, the 60s doesn’t feel too far away from the present. The slang may be different and the styles a bit less flowy, but there are more similarities than may be seen on the surface. So, whether you want to celebrate the bygone decade or tap into its energies, our collection of 1960s gifts can help. Get you and your family dressed for an outtasight Halloween party, or let your freak flag fly by filling your home with 60s memorabilia. However you’re looking to bring the 60s back, we can’t wait to lend a hand!