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Why are the '60s so great? How about the lovely link between the swell '50s and the psychedelic '70s!? How about the flower-power feels and the get-down groove? Transport back to a time of peace and love in true hippie style with our 1960s costumes. Fringe, flowers, high hair, and higher heels await you!
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There may have been many decades in our world's history, but only a few of them have actually gone down in history! What happened in the 1390s? No Googling allowed! Yeah, that's what we thought. How about the 1180s? Nope! Nothing striking memories there, either. Even if you head into the modern era, if you ask folks about the 2010s or the 1930s, people aren't really going to be jumping to any major themes about the decades. It really does just come down to a few. The 1980s are pretty famous for being way cool but it was the 1960s that really set the tone to begin with! If you want to show folks the truth of the decade that brought funky colors to life and made getting groovy the way to be, you need look no further than our collection of 1960s costumes and clothing to feel the fun!

The best part of our 1960s costume options are the variety. Perhaps you're a peace-loving hippie who wants to bring together some tranquil flower power. You can make that happy with our collection of hippie costumes. Enjoy the famous power of fringe in a 1960s skirt that will sway to the music with every step. Bring Woodstock wonders back with a vest that features groovy colors and 60's style. Accessorize further with a pair of 60's shades and fringe moccasins and you'll feel like you're right in the zone! (Just don't forget your peace sign while you're at it!) 

Talking about music, you can't think 1960s costumes without heading to dance at the Disco! Add some funky fashion to your look when you sway onto the dance floor in a body-tight 1960s dress that features a solid psychedelic style. We haven't left the guys out, either. Groovy suits will have you living your Saturday Night Fever life and dancing up a storm. Even if you don't want to live it up in our 1960s Disco costumes, you could bring another famous 60s icon off the silver screen and into your 1960s party. Have you ever heard of the grooviest spy in the world? Well, Austin Powers is ready to show you some of that 60's mojo. Just get ready for some 60s Swinger style!

The 60s are never really gone (no matter what they say about Disco being dead). Bring a psychedelic smile to your face when you channel the spirit of flower power and groovy steps thanks to our collection of '60s costumes. However you’re looking to bring the 60s back, we can’t wait to lend a hand!