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You may not think of the 1950s as a time of rebellion, but those poodle skirts and new looks had more to do with the emergence of the modern teenager than keeping up appearances. From sock-hops to rock n roll concerts our 1950s Costumes will have you ready to bring back the original teen scene. Choose from our selection of Grease costumes and classic 50s style to create your own rebellious look.
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

Weren't the 1950s just grand? Sure, things are pretty cool today. We have smartphones, video games, and grunge music, but certain things were just simpler back then. Instead of having to worry about social media accounts, teenagers just wore poodle skirts and sock hops. Instead of having to pay an arm and a leg for a brand new automobile, you could get one with earnings of a summer job. And the hairstyles? Don't get us started on all of the cool hairstyles that the kids were sporting back then! Yeah, it's safe to say that we're a little nostalgiac about some of the trends going on back then. That's part of why we craft and carry a pretty stellar selection o 1950s costumes!

Our costumes come in a variety of styles that should please anyone who's looking to head back to the good ol' days of the 50s. Of course, we started out with some cute 50s costumes for women, since we really can't get enough of the poodle skirt! It's a cute and comfy look that should have never gone out of fashion. We also carry classic sock hop and car hop costumes to help you get that vintage look that's welcome at any retro party!

For the boys, we have a lot of great options as well. We carry suits based on the 50s, so you can craft your own Buddy Holly costume, along with some funny nerd costumes based on the retro image of a bookworm (complete with thick glasses and a pocket protector). You can even dress up like Elvis if you want to put on a jailhouse rock performance at your next costume party.

Finally, we carry ton of costumes based on the movie, Grease. Grease happens to be one of the greatest movies of all time and it's set in the 1950s! A lot of peoples' perception of the 1950s has a lot to do with the popularity of the film, so we had to include a ton of Grease costumes here. We carry the leather jacket style of the T-birds, along with the Pink Ladies jackets for the girls. No matter who you're favorite character is, you'll be able to craft the perfect 50s costume!

And what about the kids? Yep, we got them covered too! Even though your little one may not have been alive anywhere close to the 1950s, we carry tons of kids 1950s costumes to help them look like a real blast from the past. Whether you have them dress up as a greaser in one of our leather jackets or you send them off to the dance in a poodle skirt, they'll be looking the part in no time!