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There's something special about the 1920s. It was a time of change. A time of jazz. A time where people really knew how to have a good time. That being said, it makes sense to gift any historian in your life with a little piece of this era. Give them that roaring twenties flair with a bobbed wig or a feather boa or even a sequined dress. Anyone is sure to appreciate unwrapping the wonder of the 1920s.
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

We hear that your book club's hypothetical joke has evolved in quite a spectacular way! Who knew that reading the Great Gadsby would have evolved into a suggestion for a 1920's themed party? Now there is glitz, glamor, and even rumors that the host is going to convert their basement into a speakeasy? (We assume they're just talking about the decor, right?) 

Either way, if you're getting ready for a '20s-themed event, folks might need to get jazzed up. (Literally.) Fortunately, we have several Roaring Twenties gifts that will help make any event feel genuine and spread the smiles to every corner of the room. Whether you're throwing the party or want to help others get decked out for the event, take a look at some of our 1920's Gifts to find the perfect stocking stuffer or 1920s costume that will turn into a roaring success! 

Obviously, the first place to imagine when it comes to the Roaring Twenties is the jazz scene. Whether you're imagining a reproduction of Chicago or simply want the fun of the club environment, you can find all you need in our category of 1920s products. Start with a few sequin chains or beaded necklaces. They're great to swing around while listening to your favorite jazz hits and are sure to make anyone instantly feel like they're just a bit closer to the '20s. If you want a softer style, a feather boa is the surefire signature of a flapper queen! 

Speaking of flappers, you can go the whole way with one of our sequin-styled flapper costumes. These dresses fall off the hip and feature everything from sparkling fringe to sleeveless bodices, and all in every color you might imagine! The gift of dance isn't something that you can typically offer someone but when it comes in the form of one of our 1920's Flapper Dresses, there's hardly a way to avoid tapping out a bit of a Charleston! 

The 1920s isn't just for the gals, though! The guys will love getting edgy in our 1920s Gangster costumes. There's something about a snazzy suit coupled with a zoot suit hat and a pair of wingtip shoes! Command the '20s as the leader of the mob or gather up a group to steal the prize for the most captivating 1920s group costume look! 

Of course, when you're offering a Roaring Twenties Gift, you can stick to the small stuff, too! From sequined bags and gleaming gloves to feathery headbands and bob wigs for women, we carry a wide variety of things that will make you and your friends feel like you did the Lindy Hop right through time and landed in the 1920s!