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1920s Costumes

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The golden era. An era of jazz, fashion, and freedom. Women rolled down their stockings, cut their hair short, and rode bicycles. And for some reason, men wore huge suits. Are you looking to recreate this era for a themed party or Halloween? These 1920s costumes are flashy enough to stand out even in the darkest speakeasy. With plenty of sassy fringe and beaded sparkle, you'll love choosing a costume from this collection!
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Products 1 - 8 of 8

Just imagine it. You're coming off the doom and fear of World War I. (At this point, you don't even know that it is going to be called that.) You've survived the spread of the Spanish Flu and the world's economy is starting to boom like a firework. (And those skyrockets are still rather new inventions, in fact.) There's excitement in the air as well as a whole spree of new restrictions on a lot of things that folks consider pretty fun. (How fun can a word like prohibition be, anyway?) What are you gonna do with all of that energy? 

Well, the folks of the 1920s really knew how to make a party out of an entire decade! It's known as the Roaring Twenties. Some call it the Golden Age and others just love it for all the jazz that created glorious atmospheres in the hidden speakeasies. We look back on the '20s often, especially whenever we're feeling a bit of that weariness of strife and the need for a perfect mix of sophistication and style. Whatever your reason for wanting to transport back to the 1920s, we're here to help you find your way and feel like you belong. 

Let's say that you're looking at hosting or joining a centennial party that celebrates in 1920s style. You've got a few different kinds of 1920s costumes that are going to have you fitting in like nobody's business. We're talking about the jazz dancers, the mafia dons, and all the glitz and glamour that comes along with it! So, let's take a tour of all your options to find the ultimate in 1920s costumes and accessories to bring your Roaring Twenties to life. 

We have to start with our collection of Flapper costumes. (It's actually where we started our costume adventure, here at, in fact!) Your typical flapper dress costume begins with a knee-length, sleeveless dress with vibrant colors. Dark black, vivid red, and gleaming white are the standards but you'll find additional gradients as well. Next step is the fringe! Gold or silver metallic accents are sure to catch the eyes, allowing you to perform really simple dance moves that will dazzle without leaving you fatigued. (Get that shimmy and shake ready, folks!) Your 1920s accessories for flappers include feather boas of every color, cigarette sticks, elbow-length gloves, and incredibly long necklaces that you can shake just as much as your hips! 

Next up for all your 1920s needs are our options for gangster garb and zoot suits. The men of the '20s would never commit a fashion crime (even some of them were criminals). Our 1920s gangster costumes feature slacks, shirts, and suitcoats that are tied together with mobster hats and fancy neckties. Trust us. The fedora and pinstripe will set you apart from a standard spy and, if all else fails, you can bring a mock tommy gun along to complete your look. 

Begin your adventure into the past. From 1920s headdresses and glittering flapper shoes to all the gangster gear you could steal, we're here to suit you up for the Roaring Twenties!