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Paging all nurses! If there's way of jolting a party to life, STAT, it's by arriving in classic looks like a nurse costume! Everyone has their own memories with the doctor and funny stories to tell about a time they went to the hospital. That's why nurse costumes for adults aren't only sexy, they're conversation starters. And hey, if you don't feel like talking, sexy nurse costumes work wonders on the dance floor!
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

Now, real nurses know that their uniform isn't all about starched white dresses, cute little caps, and certainly not high heels. But they also know that dressing up for a costume party isn't at all about reality. It's about using your imagination to create a brand new persona, or leiting a side of you breathe that doesn't typically get to thrive!

Maybe you've decided on choosing one of our nurse costumes for adults because you have an inner persona who just wants to care for those around you. Maybe putting a cool cloth on someone's head while you wear a vintage nurse dress like you're in a historical WW2 novel simply appeals to you. There's nothing wrong with that! After all, the white dress paired with barrel curls around that teeny cap is the perfect outfit for letting your capable yet sensitive side free!

Then again, plenty of nurses in pop culture are far from that caring career woman that we picture from the 40s. Instead, the image shifts to the fishnet-wearing, syringe-yielding bombshells from music videos and... well, many years of evolving nurse Halloween costumes. Somewhere along the lines, simple sexy nurse costumes for women evolved into sexy yet scary nurse costumes. It makes sense! Who's not just a tiny bit afraid of going to the doctor? And the nurse is the one who's always coming into the room with needles and swabs. Yikes! This powerful image is one that lends itself perfectly to the Halloween scene!

If you're putting together a sexy nurse costume, you've got choices. Choose between sweet fit and flare dress costumes, complete with a petticoat for even more flounce. Top that off with white knee-high stockings and you could be the first nurse that people actually believe when you say, "This won't hurt a bit". 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can always go dark! Our Cardiac Arrest Nurse costume is sleek in black and red, fitting every curve and flaunting a neckline that can dive as deep as you want as it features a zipping bustier. While you might seem a little too edgy to put people at ease, we're sure there are patients out there that would prefer your brand of care! 

All this talk of branding your own nursing look is to say that you shouldn't overlook the details when you're putting together your nurse costume! Choose nursing accesories that back up your new look. Everything from the stockings to medical props like shots and even a wig if you want to truly transform can help bring out the costume you've been imagining. 

There are so many options when it comes to nurse costumes! Dress as a hellish nurse like the ones from Silent Hill when you add a mask or a few zombie scars. Or dress as the vengeful Ellie Driver from Kill Bill. Hey, you can always stick with a classic and dress as a clean-cut, caring nurse as well. What you choose is up to you. Just be sure and let us know what you think of your new look by tagging us on Instagram or leaving a review!