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Are you off to the wondrous world of the middle ages? How about the age of enlightenment when art and majesty spread through Europe like a creative wildfire? ... Or maybe you just want to bring the Renaissance Faire home! No matter what you love about this fanciful time, we have the Renaissance gifts that'll bring smiles to your kith and kin. 
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Games, costumes, weapons, wall-art, and wearables. That pretty much includes everything that a person could want, right? Of course! When you're looking to find a gift to give someone close to you, those are the things that we're bound to jump to. (Okay, maybe weapons are a little bit further down in that ranking, but still.) 

The problem is coming up with a theme that makes all of those things come together. We just need some inspiration to make it happen. That's where the glory of the Renaissance comes to life! The Renaissance was all about humanity's awakening to art and science, after all. So, it's only natural that when it is time to give a gift, you should be looking towards this bold and beautiful period of our shared history. 

We know you didn't come here for schooling, but a little bit can't hurt. 

We start with the Dark Ages, a time of plague and war. There's a ton of interesting tales that came out of it and it probably wasn't nearly as bad as the stories suggest, but survival was about the only thing we had going for us for about 900 years. 

Around the 14th century, things started getting a lot better. We were inspired by philosophy, art, and discovery. The Renaissance is known as the great "rebirth" of humanity and served to bridge the world to the modern era of industry and invention. 

It's with that flair for the artistic that we are happy to offer a bunch of fantastic Renaissance gifts. You might have several reasons to give your friends and family some of our fantastic costumes. They range from the brave knight with silver armor to the grungy tavern owner that would rather have some silver in his pocket! We have fashionable courtier gowns, exquisite garments made for a queen, and peasant dresses (that are probably much more fun to dance in). 

If historic costumes aren't enough, you can also dive into the fantasy of the Renaissance. Fill your cart with dragons and unicorns in every form. From sipping mugs to ornate family crests to hang on your walls, you can use our Renaissance decorations to put a little fantasy and imagination into the homes of your kith and kin. (You could even dress up your kiddo or a four-legged friend to be your loving dragon companion while navigating your local Renaissance Faire!)

Add a little Renaissance finesse to your look with some of our Renaissance accessories. Dragons can ride on your shoulder. Ornate jewelry can decorate your wrists. Try out a literal crown to show that you're here for your kingdom! (And, it never hurts to have a foam sword at your side to keep people in line.) 

If you're more invested in turning your home into a literal castle, you can look at the variety of Renaissance gifts for the home and office. Dozens of games call on the majesty of the Renaissance and help you live out your heroic dreams with your friends while surrounded by the very best in fantasy decor. That's just the beginning of your Renaissance tale!