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Getting a present is always pretty awesome. The surprise is great... but when it is a Lil Outrageous Littles kind of surprise, it's even better! Give a loved one a genuine laugh-out-loud kind of LOL when you give the gift of a LOL! Surprise Toy. You never know what to expect with these curious littles but you're guaranteed a giant smile.
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

Everyone likes a surprise. Okay, there are some of us who might not like every kind of surprise. An unexpected jump scare from the shadows might freak us out. Maybe even a surprise birthday party might have spoiled the plans that we had for ourselves. And a couple of the big, life-changing surprises might come at times that aren't ideal. But, let's be honest... even all of those kinds of surprises almost always end up pretty great. We'll tell stories about them down the road, smile and laugh, and we've got a great memory for the scrapbook! So, we guess we take it back. Everyone likes a surprise!

That's why we can't get enough of the Lil Outrageous Littles. These cool gals and guys have adorable looks, stylish hairdos, and enough fashion sense that we keep asking for more. And when you get to unboxing one of these LOL! Surprise toys, you'll know exactly what we're talking about. You've got bright color combined with the Internet's ultimate in fashionista power, all wrapped up in a YouTube-like unboxing mystery that will have you itching for another one! 

Imagine Christmas-time. You're sitting around the tree, eager to see your kiddo's bright smile as they unwrap their present. Well, you usually remember what you got them, right? (Sure, there are those ones in the back of the tree that you forgot buying... so that's kind of a shock for everyone, including the gift-giver.) But, when you're watching your friends and family open up a LOL! Surprise toy, you'll be able to be just as astounded by what they get as they will! 

From Under Wrap secrets to Bling Balls, from the Boys, Pets, Hairstyles, and even Water Balls, there is a LOL! Surprise that will keep kids and adults alike guessing. Unzip the secrets, and try to guess who's hiding in your globe as you unbox each of your LOL! Surprise toys. The series chart shows all the different characters and you can start making your guesses as you unbox your surprise of the week. 

LOL! Surprise items are bright, colorful, and unpredictable. You never know who will come out of that globe. Whether you choose to gift the lovely shining Bling series or you want something a little more interactive and choose the hair goals doll, these are the presents that never stop unwrapping! Each little doll has his or her own personality with sassy outfits, funny names, and plenty of attitudes, these are the toys that kids will look back on in their twenties to discuss their collection with their friends.