Published on November 23, 2016

Exclusive Winter DC Sweaters at

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Deck the halls with everything DC Comics. We’re proud to announce an exclusive variety of winter DC sweaters here at!  These are not your average winter sweaters; with a total of nine DC Comics inspired designs, the authenticity and subtleness offers a high-quality look and feel. All winter sweater styles include inspiration from either Batman, Wonder Woman, or Superman to proudly show your love for your favorite heroic figure that can be worn by all DC fans. Whether attending a sweater party, gift giving, or looking for your personal future shopping splurge, these DC Sweaters won’t let you down. Continue reading to embark on a whole new level of heroism meets holiday season.

batman themed sweaters

Gotham City can get pretty chilly come these winter months and we’ve got the best protection against the brisk, biting air. Our officially licensed Batman inspired sweaters will do just the thing. Each sweater has incorporated the infamous Bat logo to fend off evil while fighting fashion faux pas.


Classic Batman Sweater - Shop     Two Face Pullover Sweater - Shop     Christmas Batman Cardigan - Shop


Joker Santa Sweater - Shop        Womens Batman Cardigan - Shop

Wonder Woman themed sweaters

Wonder Woman is a female hero many young women look up to. In the midst of cookie cutting, pie baking, and gift giving, Wonder Woman will be there right with you to save the day from any season chaos. Both styles have knitted “WW” logos inspired by the classic Wonder Woman costume, and in remembrance of her grace and empowerment, it offers the best asset to any fashion winter wardrobe.


Wonder Woman Tunic Sweater - Shop     Wonder Woman Retro Cardigan - Shop

Superman themed sweaters

This Superman sweater will be the ultimate sweater of choice for any fan of the Man of Steel. With his iconic “S” knitted into the front of this sweater, it offers a stylish alternative to the spandex and cape ensemble Superman traditionally wears.  Also, much more practical.


Superman Classic Mens Sweater - Shop

dc themed christmas party ideas

There is no such thing as a party without food! Whether sweets or savory snacks, your guest will be in awe of the everlasting DC theme ensuing the night. 


[Source: DC Cupcakes | Batman Cupcakes | Bat Wings | Cake Pops | Trail Mix Funnels | Comic Cupcakes]

What to do

Pictures are a must at friend or family get-togethers to capture the fun and memories made that night. So, what better way to incorporate even more costume dress up than comic masks and a photo booth! Easy to make and everlasting fun; add hair pieces and word bubbles to your already comic inspired outfit!


[Source: Comic Photo Booth | Comic Masks]

what to watch

This is a no brainer. There are endless movies and TV shows that feature your favorite DC Comic stars in which their best heroic moments are captured. Find your favorite Batman film, grab a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa, and transcend into the world of Gotham – in your winter Batman sweater, of course.


Superman | Wonder Woman | The Dark Knight

We’ve prepared you for all things holiday and now you’re ready to face the season in complete DC Comic fashion. Most importantly, enjoy every moment of your get-together with friends and family this holiday season. Don't forget to check out our complete DC Sweaters and our Ugly Christmas Sweaters to fully engage in the holiday cheer this year!