Published on July 8, 2019

Which Spider-Verse Do You Belong In? [Quiz]

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Which Spider-Verse Do You Belong In?

Who doesn't like Spider-Man? That is a hero with every charm. He's modest. He's nerdy. He's into parkour. But here's the thing: there are so many other spider-verses out there. Spider-Man isn't always a man. He's doesn't even have to be a human! We can't forget about these alternative spider-heroes when we're enjoying the swinging stylings of the Spidey we all know and love. Because who wants to miss out on more web-based baddie fighting?

So if there are many spider-verses out there, the question is: which one would you be from? Would you feel right at home on Spider-Woman's turf? Or do your snacky, quirky ways lead you to believe that you're more of a Peter Porker? There's only one way to find out: one question at a time! Take this little quiz and you'll be inspired to discover a brand new spider-verse.

Did you get to the bottom of the question? Satisfied? If so, don't be shy, go ahead and post your results on social media. Who knows, maybe some of the friends you least expect to be Peter Porkers will join you in your Spiderham inclinations! Looking for a different result? Tell you what, we'll let you do as many redos as you want. Why would we judge? When it comes to Spider-heroes, we like to keep our options open!

Theresa Crozier
Theresa Crozier

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