20 Ugly Holiday Sweaters for When You're Feeling a Little Extra

Ugly Cheap Holiday Sweaters

It's about that time of the year.... The temperatures are dropping, those people who think they can still wear shorts in October are slowly starting to put on jeans, and the beloved Christmas music is (as always) prematurely playing on the radio. Let's take time to appreciate the best part of the change in seasons: it's now appropriate to wear ugly holiday sweaters! What once was a tradition of cheap ugly sweaters, has now turned into retailers (like us) taking some of the familiar styles and aesthetics to create something that's a mix between ugly and cute. There are a TON of ugly sweaters out there for you to choose from, so we did our best job to narrow down some of your picks to some of our favorites. Hopefully, they become some of yours as well!

Cute "Ugly" Christmas Sweaters

Cute Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Snowman SweaterNarwhal SweaterSloth SweaterToy Story SweaterRainbow Brite Sweater

Like we said earlier, ugly Christmas sweaters used to be "ugly", but they have since evolved into something more stylish. If you have an ugly sweater party coming up and are trying to stay with something that's cute, these are some of your best options. Can you imagine walking around the party with a warm cup of hot cocoa while sporting a sweater that features a sloth with a Santa hat? You'll be the talk of the party! How about an adorable throwback with the Toy Story and Rainbow Brite sweaters? If none of those are your style, you've got your choice of narwhals roasting marshmallows over a toasty campfire or a snowman with a 3D carrot and scarf attached to the sweaters. Who wouldn't get a kick out of that?

Best Christmas Sweaters

Best Christmas Sweaters

Christmas Present SweaterSanta Face SweaterGingerbread SweaterChristmas Present Kids SweaterChristmas Wreath Sweater

Now if you're looking for a more festive look and want to don the red and green, we've got a selection for you to choose from. These aren't just any holiday sweaters, though! By sewing on pieces to make the sweaters come to life, these designs take them from a spirited sweater to a full-on holiday experience. Braid Santa's beard with the Santa face sweater or play some holiday bops and decorate your Christmas wreath. When your nieces and nephews end up fighting over a toy, detach the gingerbread man from your sweater and de-escalate the situation so that they can stay on the nice list this year. If you're one of those last-minute shoppers and couldn't find anything, throw on the Christmas present sweater and give your beloved the best gift of all, yourself. After all, it's the thought that counts.

Crazy Christmas Sweaters 

Crazy Christmas Sweaters

Santa Mugshot SweaterSanta vs. Shark SweaterMr. & Mrs. Claus SweaterHanukkah Menorah SweaterSanta vs. Bear Sweater

As we all know, the holidays can be a pretty crazy time. Ruth and Maragarie are arguing about which family is going to host the next holiday, while your nieces and nephews are ten candy canes deep and pulling off your limbs one-by-one, begging you to come to check out their new toys. It can be a lot to handle, and some of these sweaters make great metaphors for how insane the holidays can sometimes feel. Giving your nephew a piggyback ride ends up looking a lot like the Santa vs. Bear sweater. Ruth and Margarie throwing verbal punches at each other looks a lot like the Santa vs. Shark sweater. The other sweaters are just crazy designs in general, and if you have an eccentric personality, these are probably for you.

Nerdy Christmas Sweaters 

nerdy christmas sweaters

BB-8 SweaterFlash SweaterWonder Woman SweaterJustice League SweaterJoker Sweater

In 2018, it's cool to be a nerd. Being a fan of Star Wars, superheroes, and video games is no longer a reason to be made fun of. If anything, it gives you more street credit. When it comes to geek apparel, the selection is quite slim when you compare it to other fandoms, so we decided to fill the void and create some geeky ugly holiday sweaters. Rep your favorite heroes/Jedis/droids with our geeky ugly holiday sweater line and bring out the hero in you.

So which sweater are you going to wear this year? Something geeky? Something funny? Something cute? Let us know in the comments below! And of course, we want to see you donning our sweaters! Happy holidays!

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