Collectible Action Figures for Pop Culture Fanatics
Published on July 27, 2018

Collectible Action Figures for Pop Culture Fanatics [Gift Guide]

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Action figures are incredibly versatile because they can be both toys and collectibles. Whether you are looking for the perfect toy for your child's birthday or you're a collector or a friend of one, there's a little something for everyone! One of the things we love the most about collectible action figures is that, if you're okay with taking them out of the box, you can use the articulated joints to pose them to create some pretty cool (or silly) scenes. Kick back, grab yourself a snack and keep reading to learn a little bit about our favorite action figures and find the best action figures for your needs!

The first toy to be branded as an action figure was made by Hasbro in 1946—and we've been hooked and collecting them ever since! While action figures may seem like kids' toys, there are many adults who love to buy them too. We'll address some questions about action figures and why we love them so much!

Keep reading for some facts about action figures, or skip ahead to our collectible action figures gift guide.


Action Figure FAQ

What are the best Star Wars action figure lines to collect?

Anyone who loves vintage Star Wars toys will want to keep an eye out for the original Kenner action figures. However, there are lots of other cool Star Wars lines to collect! The Black Series by Hasbro is a great balance between affordability and detail, but it's hard to beat the quality of Bandai's S.H. Figuarts action figures. Ultimately, it will come down to the amount of detail and articulation you're looking for, along with what you're willing to spend.

Why do action figures have holes in their feet?

Many action figures have peg holes in their feet so they can be attached to a stand that holds them in place when you're posing them. Some may also have holes in their backs (or elsewhere) for additional posing techniques!

What is the rarest Marvel Legends action figure?

The rarest Marvel Legends action figures depend on either their age, such as the Toy Biz series 1 Captain America action figure from 2002, or exclusive color variants like the rare blue Wasp Marvel Legends action figure from 2006.

Is there any real difference between dolls and action figures?

Originally there were more differences between dolls and action figures in order to market them towards either boys or girls, such as hair you can style and figures with points of articulation for posing and playing. Dolls also were generally meant to be similar to real people, while action figures were molded after characters from fiction. However, the lines between dolls and action figures are blurring more in modern toys.

How are action figures painted?

Action figures are generally painted using a combination of hand-painting and airbrushing techniques. As technology advances, some colors are applied by printing digital artwork directly onto parts of a figure.

What are limited edition action figures?

Limited edition figures are produced with a set quantity so as to limit the number of figures available on the market. The packaging will usually indicate the figure number out of the total batch quantity, such as figure 64/125.

Why do people collect action figures?

Different people will have a variety of reasons for collecting action figures, but nostalgia is often at the root of it. Many times, collectors will gravitate towards a movie or a TV show that they loved. Others simply love collecting toys from their childhood, possibly to fill in the gaps with collectibles that they still have. Some may even enjoy action figures as a sort of art, where you can pose them and create scenes to add a touch of whimsy to your space.


Star Wars Black Series Action Figures

Star Wars Black Series Action Figures

6" Black Series Ahsoka Tano6" Black Series Count DookuStar Wars Black Series Archive Princess LeiaBlack Series Offworld Jawa Action Figure

One of the most popular action figures for Star Wars collectors, the Black Series by Hasbro has many 6 inch Star Wars action figures perfect for beginning and experienced collectors. They won't break the bank like some more expensive action figures will, but at the same time, they have enough detail and points of articulation to make them highly sought-after. You can find most of the favorite Star Wars characters as part of this action figure line as well, from Star Wars Jedi action figures to original trilogy throwbacks, and even newer Star Wars TV series characters. This is the way.


Naruto Action Figures

Naruto Action Figures

Bandai Spirits Naruto6.5" Kakashi Action Figure6.5" Itachi Uchiha6.5" Naruto Uzumaki
6.5" Minato Namikaze6.5" Gaara Action Figure6.5" Sasuke Action FigureBoruto Uzumaki Figure

There are tons of excellent anime action figures to collect, but we'll specifically be taking a look at Naruto action figures here. The original manga spawned several anime series, books and movies, and the franchise still runs strong today! With so many great characters, you can find Naruto action figures of Sasuke, Gaara, Kakashi and more. There are so many cool action figures to choose from that you might need to get another shelf!


FNAF Action Figures

FNAF Actin Figures

Curse of Dreadbear Jack-o-BonnieCurse of Dreadbear Grim FoxyCurse of Dreadbear Dreadbear Action FigureCurse of Dreadbear Glitchtrap
Security Breach Roxanne WolfSecurity Breach Glamrock ChicaSecurity Breach VannyChocolate Freddy Action Figure

Are you more of a gamer that likes to collect action figures on the side? Maybe you're looking for some Funko action figures as they're cheaper to collect than other brands. Whatever the case may be, these Funko FNAF action figures are sure to fit that sweet spot between price and collectibility. Five Nights at Freddy's was an indie horror survival game that has since spawned many incarnations, and as you'll see, there are many types of FNAF action figures. Just be happy they're small and cute like this instead of people-sized like they are in the games!


Batman Action Figures

Batman Action Figures

McFarlane Batman Action Figure12" Rapid Change Utility Belt Batman Action Figure14" Mego Batman Action FigureBandai S.H. Figuarts Birds of Prey Harley Quinn

People love collecting superhero action figures of all kinds, but who wouldn't want a few Batman collectibles? The Dark Knight is one of the most popular superheroes of all time, and he has a colorful rogue's gallery that makes a great addition to any Batman collection. (After all, what is a hero without his adversaries?) We love the variety you can find with these Batman action figures, but don't forget to snag some other characters too! That way, you can really set a scene if you enjoy posing action figures.


Dragon Ball Z Action Figures

Dragon Ball Z Action Figures

Son Goku Action FigureS.H. Figuarts PiccoloDragon Ball GT Super Saiyan GokuCaptain Ginyu Action Figure

Exciting action series generally make some of the best action figure toys, so naturally, expect to see some DBZ figures! Fans of the series will likely want to get their hands on a Goku action figure at some point, but don't forget about other cool characters such as Piccolo and Vegeta! Toy enthusiasts and collectors alike will especially love the exquisite detail found in these Bandai action figures.


Marvel Legends Action Figures

Marvel Legends Action Figures

Miles Morales Action Figure6" What If? Loki Sylvie6" Avengers U.S. AgentRetro Psycho-Man Action Figure
6" Riri Williams IronheartWhat If? T'Challa Star-Lord6" Loki Action FigureMarvel Eternals Sersi

When it comes to collecting Marvel action figures, you could say that the Marvel Legends line by Hasbro is legendary. These detailed action figures often come with extra pieces such as alternate hands and faces for even more fun when posing. Additionally, some action figures come in sets where you get a special part for a Build A Figure action figure. (Often referred to as Marvel Legends BAF by collectors.) These limited edition action figures may mean that you'll have to buy the entire set to make them, but they're highly sought-after by some people.


Horror Action Figures

Horror Action Figures

12" 1978 Michael Myers Action Figure5" Ultimate Sam Action FigureThe Conjuring Crooked Man7" Gremlins Action Figure
ReAction Army of Darkness Ash7" Predator City Hunter7" Pennywise Action FigureFriday the 13th Part 5 Roy Burns

While a good portion of action figures are from action and adventure series, there are also a number of action figures for horror movie fans! Quite a few of these collectible toys are NECA action figures with some ReAction and others thrown in, but we love them all. Many of these scary action figures come with a selection of hands, faces and weapons so you can put them into many menacing poses. If you're more of a ReAction figure fan, you'll love the vintage look to pair with some of your favorite horror movie classics. Thankfully, these horror collectibles can't come to life like the infamous Chucky doll.


Ghostbusters Action Figures

Ghostbusters Action Figures

Afterlife Winston Zeddemore6" Gozer Action FigurePodcast Action FigurePeter Venkman Action Figure

Who you gonna call when you're looking for the best movie action figures? Naturally, the Ghostbusters. You can find an assortment of Ghostbusters action figures straight from the 80s classic movie, as well as newer characters from Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Don't forget to buy some ghosts to bust! After all, what's a Ghostbuster without a few adversaries?


Masters of the Universe Action Figures

Masters of the Universe Action Figures

MOTU: Origins Battle CatRevelation He-ManEvil-Lyn Action FigureRevelation Skeletor Action Figure
Man-At-Arms Classic FigureFisto Action FigureMasters of the Universe FakerMasters of the Universe Mer-Man

Fans of retro action figures and 80s cartoons are sure to love these Master of the Universe action figures! You can find fantastic Masters of the Universe: Origins action figures that look like the old-school versions from when you were a kid, as well as newer takes on your favorite characters from Masters of the Universe: Revelation. It doesn't matter whether you prefer one line or the other, or simply want to collect them all! He-Man fans are sure to love collecting these action figures from their favorite series.


Power Rangers Action Figures

Power Rangers Action Figures

Dino Fury T-Rex Champion Zord Action FigureDamaged Red Ranger ReAction FigureLord Zedd Action FigureReAction Green Ranger
Yellow Ranger Aisha vs. ScorpinaRita Repulsa Action FigureS.H. Figuarts White RangerMighty Morphin Pudgy

It's Morphin time! If you found yourself shouting this phrase while playing with your Power Rangers toys, perhaps it's time to pick up a few more for the next generation of Power Rangers fans. (Or yourself. You can collect "kids' toys" too.) You can find lots of classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers action figures, but don't forget other favorites like Dino Fury! Which Power Ranger was your favorite?


TMNT Action Figures

TMNT Action Figures

Splinter Action FigureSewer Surfer MichelangeloApril O'Neil Action FigureBebop Action Figure
Casey Jones Action FigureDamaged Foot SoldierSpace Cadet RaphaelRocksteady Action Figure

ReAction action figures make toys from plenty of franchises, and we absolutely love the vintage look that they have! These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures come in so many characters that it's hard not to want them all! They're easy on the wallet as well, and the illustrated card backs feature great artwork too. Even if you like to unpackage your action figures, you may want to hang onto the cardboard because they're so cool!


Disney Action Figures

Disney Action Figures

Diamond Select Jack Sparrow Action FigureGargoyles Goliath Action Figure ReAction Jack Skellington Action FigureOnward Ian Lightfoot Action Figure
Toy Story Woody Action FigureDisney Ultimates Mad HatterReAction Sally Action FigureDisney Ultimates Robin Hood

You may not realize it, but there are actually more than just Toy Story action figures when it comes to Disney! The Disney Ultimates line first launched in 2020, giving us highly-detailed Disney action figures with lots of accessories to play with. There are also others by makers like Diamond Select and ReAction. While a few of these are action figures for kids, there's certainly a lot of collecting potential for adult Disney fans too.


Action figures are great because they are so versatile! You can play with them or collect them, and they make great gifts and collectibles. You can also pose them invading your breakfast and gain social media notoriety! (Please share your goofy action figures pictures if you have some!) Did you have a favorite action figure as a child? Do you still enjoy collecting action figures as an adult? Let us know in the comments below! For more options, check out our other collectible toys and action figures!

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