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Published on March 29, 2018

MLB Apparel and Gear for Baseball Fans [Gift Guide]

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Can you feel it? That feeling that something is just around the corner. Spring is here and children are getting the itch to get out of school and be outside. The weather is getting nicer and many are looking forward to the latest season of summer blockbuster movies. (But who are we kidding? Summer movie season begins in February now.) In the world of sports, basketball and hockey fans are turning their attention to the playoffs, which begin in April for both sports. Some, however, are already looking forward to the baseball field.

The MLB season begins each year in late March or early April, but with spring training starting in February, fans are already itching to watch their teams run out on the diamond over the summer months. With each new season comes a blank slate for each team with a shot at making it to the World Series all the way in October.

Outside of fans of the prior year’s champion, each other team’s fans are looking for reasons that this year could be theirs. Whether the previous season ended in post-season heartbreak or was derailed by injuries to some of the team’s better players, there’s always something to look forward to in a sport where teams can go from worst to first in the span of a year. One of the best ways to embrace a fresh start for your favorite team is to acquire some new gear. Lucky for you, we have some great MLB apparel suggestions as well as useful gift ideas for baseball fans right here at!


MLB Apparel for Adults

MLB Shirts

MLB T-Shirts

Women's Kansas City Royals T-ShirtSt. Louis Cardinals ShirtAdult Chicago Cubs TeeKansas City Royals Shirt

If you’re heading out to the ball game on a hot summer afternoon, you’ll want to represent your team with an MLB official t-shirt. Outside of a limited number of indoor stadiums, most baseball stadiums are out in the open, and temperatures can get quite high during a summer game. MLB t-shirts offer maximum comfort while still showing off your fandom to others. And lucky for you, is a great place to get your MLB apparel!


MLB Hoodies

MLB Sweatshirts

Adult St. Louis Cardinals HoodieAdult New York Yankees Zip-Up HoodieAdult Kansas City Royals HoodieAdult St. Louis Cardinals Zip-Up Hoodie

While summer games can be quite warm, Early season games in the spring (as well as October playoff games) can get cold in a hurry—especially if your favorite team is the Minnesota Twins!. So stay warm and get a cozy MLB hoodie or sweatshirt! Having a baseball sweatshirt featuring your favorite team's logo is good for showing off your fandom year-round.


MLB Apparel for Kids

MLB Tees

Kids' MLB Jerseys and Tees

Kids' Mets Home JerseyYouth Kansas City Royals TeeChild New York Giants JerseyKids' Kansas City Royals Shirt

Of course, kids want to dress up in MLB gear to support their favorite team and players too! Get your child a unisex MLB jersey for watching games, or for playing a few rounds of backyard baseball. Boys and girls will love to sport their favorite team jerseys! If you're looking for something with a little more versatility, it's hard to knock a good baseball t-shirt for kids. Children can run and play, sleep, watch baseball and go to school with their favorite MLB team on their shirt. If you ask us, a good t-shirt is the real MVP.


MLB Sweatshirts

Kids' MLB Hoodies

Child Boston Red Sox HoodieYouth Chicago Cubs HoodieKids' San Fransisco Giants HoodieChild New York Mets Hoodie

Find a cozy hoodie perfect for your little baseball fan with their favorite team logo on the front! These cool heather gray hoodies all have front pockets and team logos, but they also have colored hoods and sleeves based on team colors. Any kid that loves baseball is going to wear this sweatshirt again and again!


MLB Pennants

MLB Pennants

Chicago Cubs PennantBoston Red Sox PennantNew York Giants PennantLos Angeles Dodgers Pennant

Whether you're decorating a child's room or your man cave, team pennants are essential wall décor for baseball fans! The flag pennants are a tried and true staple, but don't overlook these baseball-shaped pennants. Die-cut to look like baseballs, they feature MLB team logos on a perfectly round background. Even the non-sports fans will know exactly what team and sport you support!


Baseball Gifts

MLB Gifts

San Fransisco Giants Grill-A-Tong1000pc Boston Red Sox Fenway Park PuzzleBoston Red Sox Grill-A-TongSan Fransisco Giants Stadium Wall Art

If you’re a fan of the game, you’re more than likely going to appreciate MLB gifts for your birthday, Christmas or any other gift-giving holiday. Or, if you know anyone else who loves baseball—and we bet you do—then you can find baseball gifts for them, too! Anyone in love with tailgating or backyard BBQs before the big game will love a versatile pair of team grill-a-tongs. Flip burgers on the grill, and roll brats and hot dogs over so they're grilled on all sides. We also have gifts for more indoors-type baseball fans. Put together a 1000 piece puzzle of Fenway Park, or perhaps even hang the New York Giants stadium up on your wall! If you know someone that loves baseball stadiums as much as they love the game, they're sure to love these excellent major league baseball gifts.


Beer Gifts

Beer Gifts

Budweiser 20oz. Travel TumblerBud Light Can Light SetFortune-Telling Pint GlassBudweiser Can Light Set

What’s the best way to take in a baseball game on a hot summer day. If you said “In front of the TV with a cold beverage in hand”, you guessed correctly! Sip your drink of choice from a tall Budweiser tumbler with a straw and lid that protects your drink at games or at home, or sip from a fortune-telling pint glass that may or may not guess if your favorite team is going to win. (It's like a magic 8-ball in a cup!) If you're as big of a fan of beer as you are of baseball, get some fun beer can lights to decorate your game-watching space or to wrap around your porch railings on baseball cookout days. As everyone knows, brews and baseball go together like bread and butter.


Are you one of the many fans excited for MLB Opening Day every year? Who is your favorite team? Do you root for perennial powerhouses like the New York Yankees or LA Dodgers or "underdog" teams like the Chicago Cubs or Houston Astros? No matter who you cheer for, you'll have plenty to look forward to over the next six months of the MLB season. Whether you'll be watching games at the ballpark or from the comfort of your own home, make sure to shop our full selection of MLB gifts to experience the season showing off your fandom in maximum comfort.

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