Published on December 25, 2017

Nerdy Christmas Sweaters

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Nerdy Christmas Sweaters

Some people must wonder why nerdy Christmas sweaters exist. After all, Clone Troopers hardly seem like the type to celebrate the holidays, so why do they belong on a Christmas sweater? The easiest way to explain this is with a simple analogy, so here goes. What's one thing that makes for a great movie? Sharks. What else makes for a great movie? Tornadoes. So why waste time making these into separate movies, when you can just make one movie about a tornado full of sharks and call it Sharknado? After a handful of sequels, it's hard to deny that the idea might have worked. With this logic in mind, we have mashed together two of our favorite things and put them on a sweater to make something beautiful: nerdy Christmas sweaters.

Star Wars Sweaters

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters

BB-8 Sweater                      Storm Trooper Sweater

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What do you think BB-8 would want for Christmas? Oil? Wingnuts roasted on an open fire? A Christmas sweater with a human on it? We can only think of one thing that we are really quite certain he wouldn't want: shoes.

Batman Sweaters

Batman Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Bat Signal                    Classic Batman Logo                 Santa Hat Batman                     Women's Batman Logo

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The idea of Batman celebrating Christmas is a little less far-fetched than BB-8. That being said, Batman really doesn’t look like he's in the Christmas spirit, despite his Santa hat. While he might not revel in classic Christmas pastimes like caroling and building snowmen, we like to think that Batman spends Christmas night on the lookout for any Grinches that might be running about Gotham.

labyrinth Sweaters

Labyrinth Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Labyrinth Movie Logo                               Labyrinth Characters

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Christmas is a time to celebrate family and loved ones, and this is perfectly paralleled in the movie Labyrinth! Even though Sarah Williams had a little lapse in judgement and wished away her little brother, just look at the lengths she went to to get him back! In the end, we think it's safe to say that she learned the true value family in the end.

Wonder Woman Sweaters

Wonder Woman Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Wonder Woman Tunic                                         Retro Wonder Woman                                           Navy Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman has become quite popular since her solo movie release earlier this year. With this in mind, of course we had to make her a sweater or three. Each sweater runs a different color scheme and pattern, just to make sure we have something for every Wonder Woman fan.

DC Villains Sweaters

DC Villains Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The Joker                                                         Two-Face

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Even the bad guys love Christmas. After all, half of Harvey would love the holiday season! And even if these guys are getting coal in their stocking, they still make for an awesome sweater! These would go wonderfully with any of our batman Christmas sweaters, if you're looking to include friends or family in your nerdy sweater shenanigans!

The Dark Crystal Sweaters

The Dark Crystal Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The Dark Crystal Movie Logo                        The Dark Crystal Characters

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Santa is capable of some truly incredible things, though one thing he can't do is send you back to the 80s for Christmas. So, while you're stuck in the year 2017 for Christmas, we can give you these super nostalgic Dark Crystal sweaters. These sweaters are certain to bring you back to the good ol' days.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sweaters

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actually did celebrate Christmas, and they even had their own Christmas special back in 1994. They were quite the jolly bunch that year, and their Christmas cheer definitely earned them a place on one of our nerdy Christmas sweaters.

While all of these themes go together about as well as sharks and tornadoes, they each bring their own Christmas spirit. These Sweaters are definitely going to earn you a thumbs up or high five from any superfans you might meet. Whatever Christmas sweater you end up choosing, we hope that you love your sweater as much as we love Sharknado. What do you think? Did you find the nerdy Christmas sweater for you? Let us know which sweater is your favorite and why in the comments, and enjoy your sweater this holiday season!