Try These Geek Chic Accessories to Level Up Your Look
Published on March 19, 2021

Try These Geek Chic Accessories to Level Up Your Look [Gift Guide]

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We all love our movies and television shows and comic books and video games and…well, the list goes on and on. Not that long ago, it was difficult to find geek chic accessories for all of the pop culture franchises that we love. But no longer! The variety of novelty accessories has exploded over the past few years, and we're proud to say that is the best place to get it all. So whether you're a fan of Disney or DC Comics or video games, we've got something for you! Let us bring your boring accessories into pop culture territory!


Anime Accessories

Anime Merch

Demon Slayer Snapback HatMy Hero Academia UmbrellaSailor Moon Knit HatKakashi Naruto Socks

Anyone looking to assemble the perfect anime outfit is going to need some accessories to tie their whole look together. Maybe you need a hat or some socks to go with your anime shirt—whether or not you mix shows together is up to you. (It's a little chaotic to add Sailor Moon accessories to your My Hero Academia outfit, but your own personal style is your choice!) You may also want to find some practical anime accessories like umbrellas and keychains. While you don't necessarily wear them as you would with an outfit, it's the perfect geeky touch to brighten up your day.


Video Game Accessories

Video Game Merch

Animal Crossing HatPicnic Pikachu Mini BackpackSonic the Hedgehog SlippersLogo Witcher Wallet

You can't always take your video games wherever you go, but you can still have some of your favorites along as part of your outfit. Find a wide variety of video game hats to cover your head, and keep your items safe with gamer purses, bags and wallets. You can even get comfortable in gamer merchandise at home with some Sonic slippers! Check out all of the gamer accessories you need to complete your geek chic outfit.


Star Wars Accessories

Star Wars Merch

Danielle Nicole The Child Crossbody BagLight-Up Millennium Falcon PinStar Wars Trucker HatStar Wars Rebel Earrings

Whether you want to take part in Star Wars Day or that's just your style every day, we have the Star Wars accessories you're looking for. Get ready to make the perfect nerdy outfit filled with Star Wars hats, Star Wars shoes, Star Wars purses and just about any other accessory you might want! There are even Star Wars accessories for kids to get in on the Force-filled fun. After all, you don't want anyone to think your kids are a couple of scruffy-looking nerf herders!


Harry Potter Accessories

Harry Potter Merch

Quidditch Harry Potter ShoesSlytherin Snapback HatGryffindor Fanny PackRavenclaw Scarf

Every Hogwarts hopeful needs some Harry Potter accessories in their wardrobe! Chic geeks will love to show off their Ravenclaw prowess with this scarf, but the rest of the Hogwarts houses can find nerdy accessories perfect for them as well. Harry Potter shoes will keep your feet feeling fantastic on your way to class. But you can find tons of other accessories, including hats, fanny packs and bags. You'll want to accio all of this Harry Potter merchandise before the nargles get them!


Marvel Accessories

Marvel Merch

6-Pack Low-Cut Marvel SocksDeadpool UmbrellaSpider-Man Ita BagBlack Panther Snapback Hat

Whether you hopped on the Marvel train after reading the comics or seeing the Marvel movies, you're looking for the perfect accessories to complete your nerdy-cute Marvel outfit. Take a Spider-Man purse filled with Marvel pins to the next Marvel movie premiere, or add a more subtle touch with low-cut Marvel socks. You can have the Avengers assemble your nerdy outfit in whatever way you choose! With a variety of bold and subdued Marvel accessories, you'll have whatever it takes to make your pop culture outfit your way.


Disney Accessories

Disney Merch

Onward Barley Hat and Patch SetDanielle Nicole Mulan Crossbody Bag5-Pack Monsters Inc. SocksDisney Logo Belt

You may be looking for Disney accessories for your next Disneybound outfit, or maybe you just like to add a little Disney to your day. Whichever it is, we're here to help you add some Disney magic with these Disney accessories for your outfit. Onward fans will love wearing Barley's knit hat and adhering his patches to their own jeans jackets and vests. We also have more subtle novelty accessories like low-cut socks and even a black belt with a Disney logo buckle! If you're a fan of letting your fandom flag fly, we have quite a few Disney purses and bags to carry with you on every adventure.


DC Comics Accessories

DC Comics Merch

Adult Wonder Woman ShoesAquaman WalletShazam! Snapback HatBubble Gum Harley Quinn Backpack

Not everyone's superhero style involves Marvel, and that's okay! DC Comics has plenty of superhero characters that people love, from Wonder Woman and Batman to the rest of the Justice League, Teen Titans and more! Wonder Woman fans are in for a treat because you can find tons of Wonder Woman accessories, including these exclusive Wonder Woman shoes. Still, don't count the rest of the DC gang out! Heroes and villains from Aquaman to Harley Quinn can be found on novelty hats, bags and other DC accessories, too. Your comic book outfit will have everything it needs for your next convention.


Horror Accessories

Horror Merch

Pennywise Crossbody BagPinhead SocksSourpuss Ghastly Ghoul ScarfFriday the 13th Jason Hat

Cute, geeky outfits may not be quite your style, but we don't want our horror fans to feel left out! Craft the perfect horror movie outfit by adding any one of a number of horror accessories. Scary socks are tantalizing for your toes, while sinister scarves and hats can put the finishing touch on your spine-tingling outfit. They even have eerie purses and bags for our spooky ladies! You're not going to want to miss out on creating your perfect horror movie look.


Nickelodeon Accessories

Nickelodeon Merch

Avatar the Last Airbender ShoesSpongebob BackpackAvatar the Last Airbender Hat2-Pack Reptar Rugrats Socks

While you might have grown up watching Nickelodeon cartoons as a kid, that 90s and 2000s nostalgia can be hard to break. Satisfy that inner 90s kid with any one of a number of Nickelodeon accessories! No geeky outfit is complete without a pair of character socks, but you can easily step up your game with these Avatar: the Last Airbender shoes. Of course, don't forget great shows like Spongebob Squarepants or Rugrats. You can find Nickelodeon merchandise for these shows and more! Get ready to wear your Nick all night and day.


Did you find the perfect accessories for your favorite fandom? Or was there someone on our list of faves that you particularly love? Leave us a message in the comments! If you're still working on your own geek chic style, you'll probably find what you need in our accessories category!

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