40 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

50 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Valentine's Day is a fun holiday for couples to celebrate, but can also present a challenge as far as gift-giving goes. Flowers, candy and cards are great, but are also viewed as the default Valentine's Day gift. Also, they may not be the top choice for everyone. What other options are there? Of course, some people spring for expensive jewelry on February 14th, but for people who haven't been dating very long, they may not be ready to dive that deep into their pockets.


Valentine's Day Apparel Gifts

Bob's Burgers Hoodie     Captain Marvel Shrug     Labyrinth T-Shirt

Minnie Mouse Lace Sleeve Shirt     Star Wars Rebel Ships T-Shirt     Overwatch D.Va Hoodie

No matter what kind of gift you get for your valentine this year, make sure it's something they love. What better gift option is there than some apparel showing off their favorite movies or TV shows? Whether they enjoy all-time classics like Star Wars or Labyrinth or recent comedies like Bob's Burgers, they'll be able to show it off. Apparel is a great Valentine's Day gift idea that shows off your thoughtfulness in knowing what they like.


Valentine's Day Accessory Gifts

Joker Hat     Minnie Mouse Watch     The Flash Slippers

Game of Thrones Apron     Deadpool Socks     Irregular Choice Shoes

Find them some accessories for Valentine's day that matches both their pop culture interests and their hobbies. If your valentine loves cooking, we're sure they'd be thrilled with a Game of Thrones apron and oven mitt with their favorite house symbol on it. For avid shoe collectors, you can't go wrong with a pair from Irregular Choice featuring fun themes like Star Wars, Disney Princesses, Muppets and more! It's not even St. Patrick's Day yet, but you're in luck because our Irregular Choice collection is on sale!

Bags, Purses, and Wallets

Valentine's Day Gifts Bags Purses Wallets

Toy Story Loungefly Purse     Star Wars Wallet     Pokemon Loungefly Purse

Marvel Comics Gym Bag     Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Wallet     Star Trek Klingon Messenger Bag

Bags, purses, or wallets make great gifts that are both practical and stylish. Looking for a gift for him that he can bring to the office? A Star Trek Klingon messenger bag is the perfect subtle item for him to carry around his belongings in geeky fashion. For something a little more noticeable, what better gift for men who like to hit the gym than a Marvel bag with The Incredible Hulk on it? A heart-shaped Poké Ball purse is a nice Valentine's Day gift for girlfriends who play Pokémon Go or are always on the go!


Valentines Day Gifts Puzzles

Game of Thrones Puzzle     Harry Potter Puzzle     Wonder Woman Puzzle

NFL Puzzle     Disney Pixar Puzzle     Diet Coke 3D Puzzle

Puzzles are not only a great gift idea, but they’re also a perfect activity for couples to spend time together. Whether you’re fans of movies, sports, or superheroes, you can work together to create a masterpiece. You can even include a frame with your gift in case you want to show it off after putting it together.


Valentines Day Gift Ideas Games

Princess Bride Monopoly     Marvel Munchkin Game

Legend of Zelda Chess Set     Harry Potter Card Battle Deck Game

As far as gifts go, games are another fun activity to do together (hmmm, there seems to be a theme here). Pick up a game to spend some quality time together like Legend of Zelda chess or Pirates of the Caribbean Battleship. Or pick out games that match your fandom that you can play together or with a group of friends!

Tumblers, Glasses, and Mugs

Valentines Day Gift Ideas Drinkware

Lord of the Rings Mug     Nightmare Before Christmas Tumbler     Wine Bottle Glass

Star Wars Mug Set     NFL Frosted Pilsner Glass     Baby Groot Geeky Tiki Mug

Regardless of their beverage of choice, finding the perfect item to drink from is a great gift idea. Before going any further, this is the part where we explain that these gifts aren’t meant to be shared or used together, unless you’re eyeing up a sweet set of coordinating Han Solo and Leia mugs. If you’re planning on gifting some form of drinkware to your partner, earn some bonus points and pick up something to drink as well.

Funko POP Vinyl Figures

Valentines Day Gift Ideas Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

Chewbacca POP Vinyl     Wonder Woman POP Vinyl     Baymax POP Vinyl

Imperator Furiosa POP Vinyl     April Ludgate POP Vinyl     Andy Dwyer POP Vinyl

Funko pop figures aren’t just for collectors. With so many characters, you can get your boyfriend or girlfriend something that represents your relationship. Guys, if you're dating a strong woman, maybe Wonder Woman or Furiosa is a great option. Maybe you’re dating someone who is a true companion, like Chewbacca or Baymax. You may even believe you’re the perfect couple like April and Andy from Parks and Rec. There are so many choices!

We hope we've provided you with some useful gift ideas for the valentine in your life. If you're looking for unique gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend, we're sure you'll find them anything their heart desires. Check out our full site for more Valentine gift ideas and have a happy and heart-y Valentine's Day.

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