Published on December 16, 2019

Which Christmas Grump are You? [Quiz]

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Which Christmas Grump are You?

The lights, the presents, the carols, the people, the traffic, the social obligations! Let's be honest. This season can be obnoxious. We all feel it at some point in the holly jolly weeks between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. You know the feeling, right? It's the nagging suspicion that you might secretly be a Christmas grump.

Everyone's Christmas grump comes out in different ways. Perhaps the irritation starts to build as you're squeezing your way through an overheated mall, in your hot winter coat with sweat trickling down your back. Maybe it happens as you try to figure out how to wrap a tricycle. Or you could be fine until the grump switch goes off while trying to make your way through holiday traffic, the pies balancing precariously in the back seat. Whenever it happens, you can take comfort in the fact that you're not alone. In fact, with all the hubbub of the holidays, everyone has a secret Christmas grump side. Take this quiz to find yours!

So what do you think? Are you feeling a bit more at ease with the mini yuletide meanie that's lurking in your head? When the Christmas carols come on while you're wrapping your Christmas gifts, now you don't have to feel guilty rolling your eyes. After all, having a Christmas grump around is an age-old tradition! Instead of letting your Christmas curmudgeon fester, vent some of that holiday irritation when you discover a little bit more about your inner holiday grump!

Theresa Crozier
Theresa Crozier

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