Your Guide to Video Game Apparel

Your Guide to Video Game Apparel

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this! We love getting lost in the wonderful world of video games. From the classics like Mario to the more modern titles like Overwatch, we can’t get enough. But have you ever put down the controller and wished you could take a little bit of that video game magic with you? Well look no further, we’ve got you covered on a variety of different video game hoodies, hats, accessories, and more!

Nintendo apparel

Nintendo Apparel

Mario Tanooki Shirt Nintendo 64 T-ShirtMario Group Shot T-ShirtZelda Breath of the Wild Dress
Legend of Zelda Cowl Neck Yoshi T-ShirtZelda Breath of the Wild ShirtPeach Outline T-Shirt

Nintendo games have given us so much over the years. From Mario to Zelda and everywhere in-between. Nintendo games will always hold a certain nostalgia for most gamers. If you want to feel more like a Nintendo hero try a few of our Nintendo hoodies or tops. While our Legend of Zelda tunic might not come with a Master Sword, we still think you’ll still feel pretty heroic emulating Link in this hoodie!

Overwatch apparel

 Overwatch Apparel

A-Mei-Zing T-ShirtWidow Maker HoodieOverwatch Logo Shirt
D.Va HoodieSombra ShirtLucio Hoodie

It’s a-Mei-zing! Our Overwatch apparel collection is sure to supply something for any player. Any Overwatch player knows it takes real team work to win! So represent your main with one of our Overwatch hoodies. Our Lucio hoodie if fresh and fun just like the iconic support character. Maybe blending in Is more your style? Our Sombra shirt and Widowmaker zip-up are great for a more subtle approach.

Pokémon Apparel

Pokemon apparel

Pikachu Crew Neck SweatshirtPokeball HoodieCharizard T-ShirtPokeball T-Shirt
Track JacketCharmander HoodieGirls 4 Square ShirtPikachu Raglan

We choose you! Everyone has a favorite Pokémon, some even have a whole 6-man squad picked out. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or a newcomer to this iconic genre, no Pokémon is more well known then Pikachu. So it's natural that some Pikachu items made our Pokémon apparel list! But we’ve also brought out some other fan favorites like Charizard. We’ve got a huge variety of Pokémon hoodies and tops.

Video Game Hats

Video Game Hats

Ash Ketchum HatZelda TriforceLucio Snap Back
Minecraft CreeperAssassin's Creed LogoWorld of Warcraft Horde

Hats are great. Who doesn’t love keeping the sun out of their face and looking stylish while they do it? We think these video game hats are even better! Block some UV rays with the iconic Legend of Zelda Triforce emblem. Or live out your real-life dream of being a Pokémon trainer with our Ash Ketchum Snapback hat. Add a bit of flair to your outfit with your favorite games hat.

Video Game Accessories

Video Game Accesories

Mario Star EarringsOverwatch BackpackOverwatch Scarf
Zelda SocksPikachu SocksAssassin's Creed Backpack

They say the accessory makes the outfit. So make sure you grab one of our video game accessories to complete your look! Our Super Mario Star earrings are great for adding a little power up to your look. If you want something a little more subtle we’ve got the Assassin’s Creed Laptop Backpack. Perfect for storing all your gear and still blending in, we think Ezio would approve. Although we think the easiest way to add some flair to your outfit without anyone knowing is with some great socks!

From Mario to Pokémon to Overwatch to The Legend of Zelda, video games seem to be an ever-present and ever-evolving form of entertainment. But with all the new games coming out there’s still something about the classics that just keep drawing us back. So we’re sure our list of great video game apparel will constantly be updating, for now check out some of these great video game gift ideas and keep replaying your favorite games!

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