21st Birthday Gift Ideas

21 gift ideas for 21+

Turning 21 is a rite of passage in American culture. It is the first time young men and women can go out to the bars, or crack open a cold one with their friends without having to worry about being caught. Turning 21 is something that everyone looks forward to for years, and you can be sure that the party is going to be huge! Now that the time is finally here, we have the perfect 21st birthday gift ideas to help celebrate, both on their birthday and all year long. So raise a glass to the newly legal drinkers in your life and help them to go all out and celebrate like never before!


Gifts for Beer Drinkers 

gift ideas for beer drinkers

Beer'd Stein – Shop     Half-liter Boot Beer Glass – Shop

Half Pint Beer Glass – Shop     Das Horn 24oz Mug – Shop


Everyone knows that there are only three types of beer worth drinking once you turn 21... bottles, cans, and kegs. Whichever you choose to indulge in, make sure you do it in style by pouring it into one of these fun beer glasses. Remember that you can have fun with your beer if you've got the best beer gifts! Using one of these glasses, mugs, or the horn, you will be sure to impress all of your friends and be the hit of your next gathering.


Gifts for Wine Drinkers 

gift ideas for wine drinkers

Purrfect Wine Glass – Shop     Bad Assy Wine Glass – Shop

Get Tipsy Wine Glasses – Shop     World's Largest Wine Glass – Shop     Wine Bottle Glass – Shop


With all of these great choices, you won't ever have to whine about not having the perfect glass to drink from! Whether you're looking for cute themed glasses, like our kitty-themed purrfect wine glass, or a glass big enough to drink away any problem, you'll find it here. So, when it's time for your next girls' night in, or you just need a glass after a hard day, we have something for you.


Gifts for Liquor Drinkers 

gift ideas for liquor drinkers

GlasstiniShop     Disney Princess Shot Glass Set – Shop     Mini Glass Boot Shot Glasses – Shop

Pac-Man Shot Glass Set – Shop    Jack Daniel's Glass Set – Shop


Take a shot, just try not to hit the floor. Let's be honest, 21 is probably the best time to take shots, and...well...the best time for hard liquor in general. This is because your body doesn't realize exactly what it is yet... so why not give it a taste? It's going to happen, and it might as well be sooner rather than later. So drink up while you can and enjoy one of these fun glasses.


Beer-themed Apparel

apparel gift ideas for 21+

All I Want for Christmas is Beer Sweater – Shop

Budweiser Odd Sox – Shop     Budweiser Field Tester Tank – Shop


We have all of the alcohol-related apparel you could want, because let's be honest, when you're 21, you have to dress the part. How else will anyone know your age no matter where you go? After all, everyone is going to get the 21-year-old in your life alcohol for every gift this year, so why not have your gift stand out and be different? Really, this type of clothing is just a lot of fun for everyone, and it makes for the perfect gift.


Beer-Themed Gifts & Accessories

accessory gift ideas for 21+

Star Wars Chewbacca Can Cooler – Shop     Beer Mug Glasses – Shop

Captain America Bottle Opener – Shop     The Beer Belt – Shop


Find the perfect accessory to show off your new maturity, or lack thereof. Hey, you're 21 now, crazy and slightly childish. Things are bound to happen! Everyone says that as people get older they get boring. Don't be just like everyone else. With these great drinking accessories, you could never be boring no matter how old you are. There is bound to be a gift to bring out your fun side.


Get ready for the big day, go out and party hard, but don't forget to be safe. Go overboard on your great gift, not on the drinking. Did you find the perfect gift to help the soon-to-be 21-year-old in your life party like they never have before? If not, we have plenty more drinking-related gifts in our home and office sectionLet us know, and find more great gifts for not just your 21-year-old, but for all ages. Just remember to drink responsibly!